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Grisly Details About The Most Famous Serial Killers


The most famous serial killers are the ones whose stories were the most bizarre. They aren’t considered famous because of their number of victims, but by the circumstances surrounding the crimes.


One of the worst serial killers, John Wayne Gacy dressed as a clown for children’s parties and was considered a respected businessman prior to being caught. Gacy was reported to have killed 33 young men that were discovered buried beneath his house.


Another serial killer that seemed respectable was Ted Bundy. By all accounts he was very charismatic and no one knew the dark secrets that lurked behind his handsome face.


Jeffrey Dahmer’s scary pictures and murders very often involved cannibalism. That was a trait probably not shared by most other killers. Also, unlike Gacy and Bundy, he wasn’t executed but beaten to death by another inmate.


Much has been written and filmed about Ed Gein. Convicted of only two murders he became known for using body parts as “fabric” for items later found in his home. Gein was not executed but instead sentenced to a mental hospital for the remainder of his life. He inspired some famous horror movie characters such as Leatherface, Norman Bates and others.


Aileen Wuornos was the only famous woman serial murderer. She worked as a prostitute and confessed to killing seven of her customers. Wuornos, who was also involved in an incestuous relationship with her brother died by lethal injection.


Some serial killers on record may have killed several hundred. The nightmarish facts about these killers though make them the most memorable.