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Getting to know Todd Lubar

What can one say about the real estate industry? It’s perhaps one of the oldest businesses started by civilization and one that will always be important regardless if you’re looking for a home or for a place for your business. It’s important in a market like this that you can find a person to trust, a person you can confide in to help you make the best decisions you can. And one of these people in the industry you can trust is a man named Todd Lubar.

Todd Lubar is a man with over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry having spent years in different sections of it to becoming the president of his very own company Legendary Financial, LLC. At this moment in time, Legendary Financial is an affiliate of Legendary Properties LLC who specializes in the field of loans. Lubar has been involved in over 7,000 transactions since he started up his affiliate and continues to keep on going strong. Lubar also has strong connections with both the commercial demolition side of the industry and the automotive scrap recycling business thanks to the changes that occurred in the mortgage market between 2007 and 2008. To this day, Lubar is still the president of Legendary Financial and his experience and connections have no doubt grown over the last several years.

Todd Lubar is a man with experience in not only the real estate industry, but a man who also has experience with marketing, marketing strategy, and advertising. He’s a man who loves his two daughters and enjoys traveling together with them. And he’s also a man who upholds the goal of desiring to be a better person tomorrow than the person he is today. And another goal of his is to add value to any and all things he comes in contact with.

How Todd Lubar Became a Powerful Investor in Real Estate and Financial Service Sectors

Todd Lubar is a financial executive, who ventured into the financial service sector over 20 years ago. After earning a degree in Speech Communication in 1995, Lubar became a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Being a quick learner, he understood all the concepts surrounding traditional mortgage banking. Working in the financial sector allowed him to develop meaningful relationships with other professionals in the real estate industry such as real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial planners.

A series of innovative ventures

Todd Lubar began a journey of advancements by obtaining an influential equity position with the distinguished Legacy Financial Group in 1999. This post allowed him to grow his lending capabilities – he started brokering loans to external investors and lending as uninterrupted Mortgage Bank. In 2002, he directed his attention to the real estate sector and began the Legendary Properties, LLC, a privately held residential development firm. His company set new standards of excellence in the real estate industry by promoting completion of purchasing, selling, and rehabilitation deals at a fast rate. It managed to complete over 200 deals, which included single-family properties to twenty-unit establishments that hosted multiple families.

Accomplishments as a mortgage banker

Due to his cumulative experience in the mortgage sector and composed negotiation abilities, Lubar entered into a deal with First Magnus Financial Corporation that saw him establish Charter Funding as its subsidiary. This deal enabled him to access more capital, programs, and products. Lubar’s experience of working with more than 7,000 customers, who had difficulties in obtaining funds from traditional sources, improved his understanding of the financial sector.

Dealing with economic recessions

Todd Lubar is a terrific dealmaker and astute investor who utilize his professional expertise in both real estate management and mortgage banking to identify and invest in areas that are always neglected by most investors. He added recycling of automatic scrap metal as well as commercial demolition services in his portfolio as a tactic for dealing with the mortgage industry crisis. He secured and carried out several demolition projects for leading general contractors. The scrap recycling business became an instant success, and it is currently a registered publicly traded company.