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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: The 10 Tips To Improve Your Smartphone Photography

For you to take good photos with your smartphone, you require some tips and skills to make good use of your camera. Ensure you understand the photographic depth, good lighting, and creating a good scene on Twitter. However, there are some useful skills to help you take good pictures using your smartphone.

Take an Extra Second
When phone camera first appeared, they brought the rarest opportunity to take quick photos. While the smartphone cameras take clear and crisp pictures, there’s no excuse for poor photography. Grab your time to locate the best feature of a photo.

Use Composition Ideologies
When you try to compose a scene, many things come intuitively. For instance, you need to create a photograph that decides whether you see the object or the landscape first. Use the five different composition rules.

Remove Flash Light
For most cameras, flashlights can portray peculiar highlights and shadows. They affect the color of the photo. I recommend you put it off unless it is the only way to capture the photo.

Use a different camera
Figueroa says you need to get a better camera application other than the standard app. For you to take good pictures, third-party applications are useful. However, there are some of the most recognized applications. They include ProCamera, Camera 360, Camera ZOOM FX, Manual, and Camera+.

Know Your Camera Application Option
While using third-party applications, you have the option to adjust your proper settings for your photo. Some applications are involved. Try finding an online camera simulator whenever you want to change settings.

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High Dynamic Range is the best weapon. However, it deploys a balanced exposure that contains shadows and reflections. You can produce small pictures if you overuse this effect.

Moderate use of Filters
This is an Instagram-related feature. While it appears attractive, average use is recommended by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Have in mind the aspect of the photo before using filters.

Learn to Edit
It can be a daunting idea to edit photos. Numerous online courses offer photo-editing classes to educate you. Snapspeed is the best mobile option for you.

Keep a Clean Lens
While you retrieve your phone from your pocket, ensure the lens is clean. For greater picture quality, this is a necessity.

Come Closer
Most smartphones do not provide optical zoom. For this reason, coming closer to the object is helpful. When you zoom, you will realize distortion on your photos.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive based in Venezuela. He has prominent positions as President, Director, and Treasurer to five different firms in Panama. Figueroa is a business person working to help small businesses grow, improve economic conditions, and mentor young leaders.

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