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FreedomPop Sets Out to Smash Mobile Service Providers Everywhere

Anyone who uses a mobile device these days, knows the importance of a dependable and affordable carrier. With so many options, and service providers to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for you. Mobile wifi plans give you the convenience of internet on the go. Being able to check emails, finish projects, or just stay connected to your loved ones is important, and your wifi plan can be either a gift or a curse depending on your service. FreedomPop offers the best of both worlds for free, and since its launch the service provider has continued to grow in success.

FreedomPop offers free mobile service with 200 minutes of calls, 200MB of data and 200 free texts. As if the deal wasn’t sweet enough, FreedomPop throws in a slew of extras like rollover minutes, and extra data for an extra charge. Recently the mobile carrier announced its launch in the UK, unlike its US division that includes a cellphone with service, the UK launch is going to start as a SIM-only service. Customers will be purchasing a sim card, and using it in a their own separate phone. The focus on FreedomPop’s UK service is the international calling to over 60 countries,the need for international service is an important part of how customers in Europe use their phones so this is going to be a game changer.

At the moment FreedomPop is offering a low cost wifi service providing users with unlimited use, and automatic sign on to 10 million hotspots for only $5. Stephen Stokols, the CEO and co-founder of FreedonPop, says that while he is not at liberty to say who is providing the wifi, customers can expect to have access at retailers like Starbucks, Mcdonald’s and Burger King. Some may be left wondering if they are better off switching to FreedomPop to save money,or if they are getting a better deal with their current carrier. For now, the verdict is still out, while FreedomPop is offering wide range hotspot service for an affordable price, anyone who has ever used more than one carrier knows that all hotspot providers are not created equal, and the cost effective service my come at the cost of reliability.

Users of FreedomPop’s current mobile service have all appeared to be satisfied customers, and as we watch the company continue to grow, we can’t help but assume the service provider is doing something right. It makes sense to take a look into all that FreedomPop has to offer when considering your first service provider, or if you are currently in the process of a switch. FreedomPop would be also be an appealing option for your teenager’s first mobile plan, even if they are going to pay for it themselves, FreedomPop seems like a great starter service for just about anyone.

If you are someone who often travels on business, or a college student with limited funds FreedomPop may be the company for you. But it has been proved over the past year that the mobile service provider is becoming the go to service for more customers everyday. If you haven’t already checked out FreedomPop’s service options, you may be missing out on just what you’ve been looking for.