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New Superbug in the United States

There has been news of a superbug in other countries. This bug has now reached the United States, and some doctors are fearful of how it will affect those who live in the country. Doctors found a bacteria that is currently not resistant to any kind of antibiotics. It was found in the urine of a woman who lives in Pennsylvania.

The bug is a strain of E. Coli. The bacteria alone can often be treated with antibiotics as long as the person will take the medication and follow doctor’s orders. This discovery warrants concern for those who live in the country because if this strain could be resistant, then there could be other strains that are resistant as well. This is a fear that has been spread for some time. The foods that are produced in the country and that are grown in the country are treated with chemicals that could change how the foods interact with the body. The foods could also be given strains of E. coli on purpose when they are received from other countries. It goes to show that foods need to be examined and left in an organic nature so that E. coli doesn’t have a chance to grow. If this bug spreads, then there is no way to determine the effects that it could have as there isn’t a medication to fight it off.