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Green Meals

Add a little green to your meals with a few St. Patrick’s Day recipes. Corned beef and cabbage is a meal that makes you think of the holiday like none other. Consider putting the beef in a crock pot or a Dutch oven to make it a bit more tender. Root vegetables also go well with the meal. A delicious Irish stew with potatoes, carrots and herbs is a comforting meal for the family. It’s filling, and you can freeze the leftovers for a meal for another day.


Shepherd’s Pie isn’t usually something that you would think of having for the holiday, but it’s an idea that you can make your own. Add a few green vegetables, such as green beans or peas, to give a green look to the meal for St. Patrick’s Day. Melted cheddar and butter on top looks like gold at the end of the rainbow. Irish soda bread is a staple for those who enjoy the holiday. The orange zest and currants in the bread give it a sweet taste. This is a bread that can be made ahead of time and shared with family and friends if you want to make several loaves. Spinach pancakes and eggs are a way to have a green day for St. Patrick’s. The spinach gives the pancakes moisture, making them fluffy instead of dry like you would find with flour or a pancake mix. Chop a few chives to put on top for a delicious breakfast that the family can enjoy.