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Andy With and the Changes at Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth has been doing his best to make the Squaw Valley Ski Resort a great vacation spot for all that come to this location. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort Wirth has been trying to get a base to base gondola in place for some time now. He knows that this is an expensive undertaking, but the recent announcement is proof that it is overdue and worth the price that is paid.

The gondola would start at Squaw Valley and end at the bottom of Alpine Meadow. This has been a plan to connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Mountain that Andy Wirth did not know when the time would be right to get this underway. Many skiers knew that this would be happening eventually, but they were unsure of how long this process would take.  Read more: Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley CEO and Philanthropist

As the CEO Andy Wirth is trying to do things that will enhance the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. He wants this change to become something that will lure more travelers to consider this destination. He knows that he is the president for one of the top ski resorts in the world, but he also knows that loyal vacationers that come here regularly could drift without enhancements. Skiers have been looking forward to the changes that have been coming.

According to Sierrasun, Andy Wirth has been educated at Colorado State University and Edinburgh University and he has been in the mountain resort and hotel industry for a long time. He knows the business, and he has done a great job with making Squaw Valley one of the most popular resorts around. Many people love the tram and other people that come here will be impressed with the summer live shows. There are skiing activities and other things like roller-skating for travelers. There is even a day camp for children and a spa for adults.

A number of people will notice that Squaw Valley is a resort that is constantly evolving. There is an Olympic Museum and a miniature golf course. There are other things like the sky jump, hiking and a ropes courses. The wall climb is also a popular activity as well. These are things that Andy Wirth has managed to develop as this resort has continued to attract a lot of new visitors that have never been to a ski resort.

Andy Wirth realizes that there are many other ski resorts that people could patronize. This is what makes him continue to work hard at making changes that will improve the number of patrons that come here. It is no incident that Squaw Valley is popular. Wirth has been able to make people realize just how valuable a getaway at Squaw Valley can be.