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Darius Fisher Navigates to Success

For the past year we have watched as the Texas based PR firm Status Labs has grown into one of the most reputable online reputation companies in the country. With CEO Darius Fisher leading the way there has been nothing but growth to commend. Yet after a full year of work there have been some advancements that should be noted.

Status Labs started as a small public relations and digital reputation management company based out of Texas. The company was established with 25 employees who were trained in various facets of reputation management. Now, a year later, the company has grown to a total of 35 employees. These employees are trained in SEO content creation, online social media management, social media strategy and much more. In the digital age we live in it truly can take a well trained staff in order to keep you on top of your game.

Of course the growth of the employee payroll only mirrors the success that Status Labs and Darius Fisher have been enjoying over this past year. As of this writing the company has worked with clients across 35 different countries around the globe. These clients range in public profile from university professors all the way to the rich and famous. With so much of our lives on the web it turns out that everyone can use a little bit of help. We expect these numbers to keep on growing into the foreseeable future. When your company is well trained and on the right track it will take a lot to lose that momentum.

Darius Fisher is at the center of what the company is trying to do. He is a strong advocate for personal privacy and data safety on the Internet. He probably reached his peak in personal popularity during the infamous Ashley Madison hacks in the summer of 2015. Even though the victims of the aforementioned hack were not popular he still firmly believed in their rights to privacy. Now he has led the company into their first pro bono case, and probably not the last. This pro bono case is the defense of University of Missouri professor Melissa Click.