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Makari: Skin Solutions for Colored Individuals


If you are a woman or man of color in search of a skincare line that will whiten, brighten and tone your uneven skin, Makari is the line you need. Makari was designed to meet the needs of colored men and women, toning the skin to perfection while also targeting problem areas and skin issues. Makari is widely known for their skincare, but also features Haircare and cosmetics as well.

What started out as a seven product skincare line, turned into a sixty item collection, with lots of variety. With fine ingredients such as caviar and Argan oil, Makari keeps their products natural. They will not include harsh ingredients or chemicals into their finely crafted products, as they have long term negative effects on the skin. What’s great about the skincare is that they fight dark spots, they correct tone, and they also include anti-aging ingredients on top of that. If you suffer from acne issues, their is also a specifically designed for color treatment that will help you to rid that issue.

Makari is the perfect option for colored individuals looking for specific targeted skincare products that will whiten and brighten on top of the use they are looking for. With a wide variety of items to choose from, including hair and makeup products, you simply can’t go wrong with Makari.

The Benefits Of Makari for Skin Lightening

If you are on the hunt for a brand of skincare that you can trust will give you the best skin whitening and lightening results possible, Makari is for you! With a vast variety of different skincare products, among other beauty products, they are packed with the past anti aging nutrients for your skin and will help maintain, soft, smooth skin, while whitening as well.

Makari was designed to meet the needs of men and women of color. With products lighten and brighten the skin, Makari makes it a point to address all beauty needs for people of colored skin. Their products feature ingredients such as carrot oil, caviar and Argan oil to provide extra hydration. The line also has products that reduce the appearance of scars, acne and stretch marks. Makari started out based in Switzerland, offering seven products and now has moved to beauty stores in the states offering sixty items to their customers. Makari prides itself on only using natural and gentle ingredients with no harsh or harmful chemicals that will harm your skin. You can visit the Makari website to view and purchase this amazing line of products. You won’t be disappointed in the results with Makari!