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Shake Shack Opening New Branch In East Village

Burgers continue to top the list of America’s favorite foods. People all over the country marvel at the chance to savor a well prepared meat patty with a slice of cheese, some lettuce, a tomato and a well crafted bun. A few burger chains have risen above the rest to take the lead and create burgers Americans adore. One such chain is Shake Shack. Shake Shack started in New York City over a decade ago. After Madison Square Park was redeveloped, state officials invited many food companies inside to provide quick meals for area tourists, residents and those who work there. With a single food cart, Shake Shack quickly rose to the heap and began enjoying enormous popularity. Diners were drawn the company’s command of the creation of a well thought out burger. Given that it was run was by famed restaurateur Danny Meyer and his esteemed restaurant group, lines began to snake out the door as word spread of the fabulous burgers available there.


Permanent Locations


In the last five years, company officials have opened several Shake Shacks across New York City as well as across the country. Diners can find a Shake Shack in several places in Manhattan including the Theater District, Grand Central Terminal and the Upper East Side. They can also find Shake Shacks in many other states and other cities across the country. Those who love burgers have discovered them in many major American cities such as Boston, Miami and Phoenix. In the last several years, more than one hundred Shake Shacks have taken the entire country by storm. Each location offers a menu with specific items that are customized to the area’s regional specialties, making each one a unique dining experience.


The New Location


The new Shake Shack is situated in the East Village, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan. This one will be about three thousand square feet, allowing many area residents to come here on their lunch break and enjoy the chain’s high quality burgers as well as their much renowned shakes. While the exact opening date has not been set, it will be housed in Astor Place. Several other restaurants are located there including a Bluestone Lane, making this a major regional food destination.