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Families Using Securus During the Holidays

Because of the fact that a lot of prison family still have their loved ones in prison during the holiday season, you may want to take measures about trying to figure out what works well for you in terms of keeping in touch with that person. The Christmas season can be an incredibly difficult time for prison families all over the country because they feel like they are not close to their loved one anymore simply because they have been put behind bars for one reason or another.


This is why Securus has been put into place and why a lot of people are making use of it because of the fact that it enables them to video visit with their loved ones behind bars during the Christmas season. Because I had a relative who happens to be in prison themselves, I know just how difficult it can be to keep in touch with them during the holiday season and have them feel close to the family like they did when they were out of prison themselves. This was a problem I dealt with before I discovered the program known as Securus and I will never go back to using anything else because of this.


Securus has made it incredibly easy for my entire family to keep in touch during the Christmas season despite the fact that this relative happens to be behind bars. The video visitation Services enable us to keep in touch with them face-to-face without making those lengthy trips there because this is simply too inconvenient for us during the holiday season. I have had great experiences using Securus in the past and continually recommended to prison family who might want to make use of it themselves.


The holiday season is incredibly difficult for people who have a loved one in prison and this is why so curious makes it easier for you to make use of their services without feeling like you are so alone. This also helps to boost the morale of your loved one who is behind bars because they may also feel alone during this trying time. It is very difficult to feel like you are part of the family during the holidays when you are stuck behind bars, but Securus can totally transform this for you and your loved one and make it a lot more personable for everyone involved.


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Christmas Time Can Now Include An Imprisoned Family Member Because Of Securus

If there was any time that my family members and I felt lonely without a particular person is when it was Christmas time. My whole family comes together for Christmas every year, and the one person I was always missing was the family member who was in jail. If I had the opportunity to have video visitations with that family member, I would’ve taken that opportunity because it would help me to see my imprisoned family member more often. Seeing my family member in jail was only the result of driving hours and standing in long lines to be searched and then allowed into the prison.

If I’m to use Securus technology to talk to my family member in jail, I wouldn’t have to drive anywhere, and I could have a meaningful conversation without being rushed by the guard telling him that his time is almost up! I was never able to touch my family member anyways when I went to see him in prison, so not being able to touch them while using video visitation wouldn’t be any different but would still be more personal to me. I’m taken aback that such technology exists for prison inmates to talk to family members, and I have to give congratulations to Securus for this technology.

Video chatting is so popular these days that everyone is doing it, including myself. Although I never knew that video chatting was available for inmates to talk to those in the outside world, I’m thrilled to learn that Securus has brought this technology to those who are having a hard time seeing their family members while they are locked up. The bad part is that some family members may not see their imprisoned loved one for years, especially when they can’t get to the prison, so I think this technology is more than warranted.

The same way I can go to a prison and stand in line to see my family member, I can choose to make an appointment with Securus to talk to that family member via video chat instead. Why should I wait in those long lines that seem to never end when I get to the prison? Talking to a family member in jail on video is so cool, especially if it’s Christmas time, and I want to include them in the festivities around my home. Securus has really outdone themselves with this great technology.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.