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A New Trend in Salads

Trending now is the Poke Salad which has its origin in the Hawaiian Islands where it has been a staple for many years.

Since the Americans have now developed a craze for healthy, nutritious foods that are affordable they have become enamored with the Poke. People also seem to lean toward the globally influenced foods. That is what the Poke is essentially, since it originated in the Pacific Islands.

This salad consists of raw fish but it is served with many different ingredients. You can enjoy it with some leafy greens like red leaf lettuce or bib lettuce, cucumbers or even some avocado, which is a good source of protein. Top off one of the many different kinds of rice on today’s market. Just use your imagination and create something that will please your palate.

Chefs around the country are capitalizing on the Poke. With the population today being much more health conscious than they have been for many years, it is a good menu choice for them.

It seems that in recent years the popularity of the Poke has been spreading, along with the number of Hawaiian restaurants that have sprung up. Statistics show that the number of Hawaiian restaurants has doubled over the past 2 years. There could also be fast Poke eateries on the horizon.

In the Southern United States, there has been a Polk Salad for probably over 100 years. However, there is a very large difference between the two.

The Southern Polk is made from the Poke weed, which grows profusely in yards,and along the highways, even through the cracks in the pavement just to name a few. These plants or weeds can grow to the height of eight feet in the summer. Poke salad in this era was eaten because people were very poor and it grew everywhere.

The poke weed itself is very poisonous, especially the berries it produces and the roots. The only leaves used are the very small ones and they must be boiled at least three times to rid it of the toxins it contains. A far cry from the Poke Salad of today.

So in looking for healthier things to eat, the Pacific Island Poke Salad could be something you may want to try.