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A rumor about George Soros is Quickly discredited

Recently a rumor was spread that George Soros, in a 2014 interview with the German publisher the Bild, made the claim that he would be funding the Black Hate Group in order to bring down America. This rumor quickly spread around the internet however after careful consideration and research it is clear that George Soros did not make such a claim. A search of the archives from the Bilds have no reference to this interview at all and it seems like it never even took place. In addition an extensive search of other reputable publications was conducted and no reference was ever made of these words.

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As far as the research shows the first mention of this quote was done on a blog back in 2014 with no credible reference of where it came from. In addition to there being no proof that Soros said these words, it would be highly unlikely for him to use such rhetoric during an interview on Because reference to the quote was credited to a newspaper many people took it to be the truth and that is why it is so important to double-check facts that seem so out of line with a person’s character. In fact George Soros is one of the world’s most generous philanthropist and has spent his life working to help people not to hurt them. The work of the George Soros foundation Open Society is Testament to that. George Soros’ passion for helping the underprivileged is the is the basis on which the work of the open Society is founded. He first got involved with these sorts of causes in 1979 during the South African apartheid and then continued on with his efforts during the 1980s fighting back communism with education by opening up a university. Open Society works to create more free and open societies by offering various grants. These Grants are given to individuals and organizations that share the values of the open Society. Open societies main focuses include education for the young, holding governments accountable on, pushing governments to allow their people unrestricted access to media and fighting for rights and justice for people held unfairly. Just a quick look back at the work for the foundation and Soros it quickly becomes clear that he is not someone who would work to destroy a group of people or his nation.