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Boraie Development: Jumping the real estate bandwagon in the US

Omar Boraie Development has been a name to reckon with in the real estate market since its inception back in the year 1972. The company’s sole focus has been providing patrons with high-end constructions since 4 decades. The group offers a range of real estate solutions in areas of the urban real estate market with services like property management, sales and marketing and real estate development.

Boraie Development was founded by Omar Boraie, an immigrant from Egypt who came to New Brunswick for higher studies. Aiming for a Ph.D. in chemistry, he ended up realizing the potential of the real estate market and started out a venture of his own. The now 76-year old president and patriarch of the Omar Boraie group had ambitions of revamping the town of New Brunswick with the same beauty as the towns of Europe he had once visited. Stating the challenges of starting a real estate development group at that time was a serious challenge as no one wanted to stay in the city and people were leaving the town for new opportunities. Today, the town has become the envy of other cities in the states with growth and opportunities bustling up in the city like never before.

The building of Albany Street Plaza in New Brunswick bought the city a much needed Class A office space on The place was built with two towers in a 2,50,000 square feet during early 90’s which was completed by the addition of the extra tower by 2003. The project was a huge success and replicating the tremendous response from the project, Omar Boraie group came up with a residential township to bring the culture of New York’s One Spring Street Condominium. The result was the creation of a 25 storied, 121 residential units, 40,000 square feet office space, 10,000 square feet of retail space finished along with a 400 space parking garage and outdoor space for the patrons. The township boasts of being the tallest building in New Brunswick. Taking its creative model to the city of New Jersey, The Aspire is another great creation of Omar Boraie Group, boasting a 17 story, 3,70,000 square foot building with 238 residential units, 10,000 square feet of retail space and four-story parking space. The Aspire is a one of its kind luxury accommodation that has been instrumental in bringing forth a different segment of the population in the city of New Brunswick.

Waseem Boraie, the Executive Vice President of the Boraie group has further plans of extension that spans to New York and further development plans in the city of New Jersey and New Brunswick.

Town Residential Is Cruising High in NYC’s Real Estate Landscape

There is so much going in New York City. From scenic environments surrounding its neighborhoods to luxurious real estate, NYC has become a number destination for people from other states and countries. As a result, the population has become huge for the past few years, meaning getting a house there has become difficult. Since neighborhoods in the city differ significantly, the search can even be more stressful.


There are a lot of things you need to sift through to get the right house in the city, and the only way this is possible is through NYC real estate agency. One of the real estate companies that have made a major impact on new tenants across New York City is Town Residential. The company is an epitome of excellence when it comes offering customer support and real estate solutions. It has a good track record as a real estate company operating within the busy and populated environment of New York.


The company specializes in residential property. It offers a wide variety of services tailored to serve the unique needs of each neighborhood in the city. Its services include sales, leasing and property marketing. The company also offers property development and redevelopment services.


Town Residential does not discriminate or judge clients based on their financial capability or knowledge of real estate industry. It has professionals who got the right skills and the decorum to handle customers in their own unique way. Every minute you spend at the company’s offices is a positive experience. The company guides buyers in navigating the busy and challenging NYC’s real estate market. It helps them find the right house in a good neighborhood at a cheaper rate. Town Residential also provides services designed to help sellers connect with quality buyers, and also advise them on suitable market prices.


Town Residential is managed by Andrew Heiberger, who founded the company in 2010. The company is in partnership with Thor Equities, which is managed by Joseph Sitt, to improve its market presence in the competitive NYC’s real estate industry. Town Residential excellence in handling employees and clients at large earned it a spot on the list of Crain’s Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City. The company currently has over 500 employees who are trained to handle various fields in real estate industry. For those looking for residential properties in New York City, Town Residential is the place to go. Its headquarters are located at 33 Irving Place in New York.




Haidar Barbouti and his Anti-Foodie Stance

In the last decade or so, the term “foodie” has popped up into the casual English language. Basically it is in reference to someone who is considered a “trend setter” when it comes to eating the latest popular dishes. Food, like many other areas in life, can go up and down and offer different popular services. Clothing has different trends, vehicles have different trends, where to live can be trendy, and the same is true in food. However, Haidar Barbouti really doesn’t care what is trendy or not. All he cares about is providing delicious food that the customer is going to enjoy. That is why he has no intention on going with “foodie fads” and simply instead giving his customers the best taste for the money.

In recent years, chefs have kind of looked away at what the customers want and simply mandated what they would eat. In order to stand out and look original, chefs have started using special ingredients and offer up certain displays that are different than the rest. They didn’t necessarily just go on making something better than the rest of the competition they had to make something different. However, Haidar Barbouti doesn’t want to do this. After a recent trip to Europe he spoke at length to just how delicious the food had been, but the restaurants were not “trendy”. He said he didn’t want to return to the states just to eat at a tapas menu or a wine bar. He went so far as to call tapas nothing more than “leftovers on a F___ing plate.” In order to avoid this kind of lame, popular food, he simply wanted to offer delicious food that people could simply eat and enjoy.

As Haidar Barbouti points out, when someone heads out to a restaurant they want a real cooked meal and not someone painting a few lines on a plate. Often times, when eating at one of the “trendy” restaurants, a diner is going to be hungry an hour later and stop for fast food to make up for it. That should never happen, and if the food is quality and delicious, it is going to provide someone one with a reason to return back. While cooking is an art form, it does not need to be drawn out like a painting. It is how the flavors work together in order to provide a delicious meal.