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Organo Gold Heads The Rising Industry For Healthy Coffee

Two new studies have been published showing the links between coffee and good health are continuing to grow over the course of the 21st-century. The two studies have been published in medical journals showing those drinking at least two to three cups of coffee each day are believed to have a lowered chance of being struck by damaging medical conditions such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

A long-term study of more than 185,000 U.S. residents showed the chances of living a longer, healthier life were higher among those who drank coffee on a daily basis and showed no changes for race or social standing. The study from the University of Southern California covering a 16-year period showed an 18 percent lower risk of death in those drinking two to three cups of coffee each day. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

The second study looking at the risk of death and drinking coffee saw more than half a million subjects from across 10 European countries showed similar results to those in the U.S. A lowered risk of some of the medical conditions most associated with an early death across the world seems to be a good reason to partake in a daily cup of Organo Gold coffee each morning.

The Organo Gold has been at the heart of the rising trend for healthy coffee drinks largely because of the inclusion of the Ganoderma extract taken from mushrooms. A well-known antioxidant, Ganoderma has been used by Chinese medical practitioners for thousands of years and is found in its purest forms in a small portion of China. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

A range of teas and coffees are now available from Organo Gold which provides a healthy boost of natural coffee beans infused with Ganoderma extract. Other mushroom-based extracts are now being infused in the products of Organo Gold which make these a good choice for athletes who wish to recover from a workout as quickly as possible with this range of organic products.