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Soros Reacts to Trump Victory

Billionaire George Soros has been heavily invested in various elections in the United States and has been a major contributor to the democratic party. This election cycle was no different, as he put up around twenty five million dollars to try to help get the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton into the white house. This would not be the first time that he has put up a huge amount of money, only to see the candidate he was supporting to lose out. The same scenario unfolded in the year 2004, where George Soros again put up a huge amount of money, in the same ball park of twenty five million dollars, in order to prevent George W. Bush from getting into office.

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George Soros is involved in a huge amount of social projects and was backing Hillary Clinton, doing pretty much everything he could to get her into office. A few major things that he invested in was the right for illegal immigrants to vote. The idea that illegal immigrants should be able to vote is something that has been heavily debated, and at the current time, illegal immigrants do not have the right or the ability to place a vote in the United States, based on the fact that they are not a current citizen. However, George Soros invested quite a bit of money to increase the likelihood that immigrants who were living in the United States illegally would be able to cast a vote. While it has come out in the media that many illegal immigrants did in fact cast a vote, most of whom voted for Hillary Clinton, the presidency ended up going to the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

One of the biggest reasons that Soros was pushing for illegal immigrants to vote was the fact that Donald Trump has made bold statements about deporting illegal immigrants who are living in the United States. The fact that there is a truthful reality of mass deportation in the coming future, illegal immigrants were almost certain to vote for Hillary Clinton. However, things did not turn out the way that George Soros or Hillary Clinton expected, as well as the rest of the mainstream media, as there has been a massive wave of shock around the country. The reaction from George Soros has been one of disbelief and almost a bit of panic, as he has been doing what he can to resist the effect that Donald Trump will have on the nation. Rather than preventing Trump from getting into office, the goal of George Soros has shifted to doing what he can to gear up his donors to resist major changes in the future, as well as to focus on elections in 2017 and 2018. There was massive speculation in the media that Hillary Clinton would end up taking the election and thus, becoming the forty fifth president of the United States, but things took a big turn and Donald Trump won the presidency, which has created a bit of hysteria from Soros and the left in general.


Soros PAC sends Arpaio Packing

Billionaire investor George Soros contributed over $2M to a PAC which was instrumental in the ouster of controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Soros has contributed millions in the past two years to help seat prosecutors who are intent on reforming the criminal justice system, but the Maricopa County Sheriff’s race marked the first time he worked to defeat a sheriff. Soros, along with other noted liberal donors, contributed to the Maricopa Strong PAC, which backed Arpaio’s opponent, Democrat Paul Penzone. In total, the PAC is said to have spent nearly $3M on television and radio ads blasting Arpaio for his policies and pursuit of a personal agenda.

Joe Arpaio rose to national prominence over two decades ago, when he put a series of changes in place in Phoenix, starting with the infamous Tent City jail. He was soon labeled “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” a title which he embraced and capitalize on in subsequent reelection campaigns on . He was, and is, a frequent contributor to various local and national news outlets, and is often held up by the conservative media as a top-tier law enforcement expert. Arpaio has long been one of the most vocal opponents of illegal immigration, and has lent vocal support to citizen militia groups such as the Minutemen, who have patrolled the US/Mexico border unofficially, often while carrying firearms. In recent months, Arpaio has been charged with criminal contempt for failure to comply with a court order which would halt discriminatory policing practices by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office.

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George Soros, a liberal mega-donor, has championed both immigration and criminal justice reform. This has led to his contributions to various PACs at the local level. The local PACs he’s supporting embrace candidates who share Soros’ agenda. As with national elections, a large infusion of cash at a critical moment can often turn races around, or widen leads in an otherwise close race.

George Soros, who was born in Hungary, grew up in the shadow of Nazi Germany, and then Communism. At 17, he fled his native Hungary, alone, and moved to London. He went on to study at the prestigious London School of Economics, where he discovered his knack for finance. After completing his studies, he moved to New York, and went to work on Wall Street. He went on to amass a sizable fortune as a fund manager. He began his philanthropy in 1979 by endowing scholarships to black South African students while that country was in the clutches of apartheid. He went on to support several causes, including efforts against Eastern Bloc communism. He is the founder and chairman of Open Society, a network of foundations with a footprint of over 100 individual countries.

Soros has authored a dozen books on Forbes, with topics ranging from social issues to the economic and political implications of Brexit. After the 2016 US Presidential Election, Soros huddled with Democratic Party officers as well as other mega donors, in a three day long closed door session to discuss moving forward after Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race.

George Soros, The Democratic Gas Pump

The blue lights are on, sirens piercing, and the blue-streak is racing down the days until November 8th, 2016.

Billionaire George Soros is on cruise control, and the gear shift is in first. The speedometer reads supersonic. The sonic boom is heard far and wide, and loud.

Earlier this year, the blue caped crusader was snoozing at the wheel, as he let the political bus amble down the road. The executive entourage were jockeying for position for US President on YouTube. It was unassuming in January that Donald Trump would grab the red cloak, and mask the Republican superhero. Furthermore, the Democrats were predictability solid after an eight term president. However, as the convoy traveled along the political highway, the Donald showed himself to be a semi-truck, and Hillary was a suburban. So, George Soros rose to the occasion offering to ramp-up Hillary Clinton’s campaign, investing $25 million to overhaul the Democratic family car.

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Now, George Soros is a grandpa of the free world, at 85 years old when he looks in the world rear-view mirror he sees a lot of injustice. His father was taken captive during World War I (thankfully he escaped). However, that experience, plus the whole World War tragedy forced George to grow up really fast, and as a teen he understood the dangers of tyranny. He is an immigrant, like so many other Americans, he was born in Hungary. Soros is one to be revered; he created the Open Society Foundations. George Soros is not scrimpy when it comes to charitable causes; he does not donate toll booth fares, but multi-million dollars, enough money to run a large scale company with hundreds of employees.

It becomes very clear, the United States arteries of government are money driven, but not just a buck here and a dollar there; no, they are driven by the elite. Hillary Clinton maybe driving the car, but George Soros is paying for the gas. This one single issue is significant, and worth pondering, can it be true that one solitary person can change the landscape of American? Can it be shown that even if the United States having a population of 322 million, and they all vote, that no matter the case, only one single investment into the political campaign can influence the outcome.

It is interesting to note that Saudi Arabia oil tycoons have funded 20 percent of Hillary Clinton’s campaign; consequently, do the American people actually have any influence. Donald Trump says he is 100 percent self-funded, contributing $13 million to his campaign. He like Hillary receives individual donations caped by federal guidelines at $2,700 per candidate per election. But outstandingly Donald Trump puts up a lot of his own money in comparison to Hillary and her big-money donors, notably George Soros.