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Get Pokebuzzed with Pokemon Fraps

Some smart baristas around the world have found a way to cash in on everyone’s current obsession: Pokemon Go with Pokemon themed Frappuccino drinks. These sugar bombs are clearly marketed toward Instagram-loving teens, but anyone can order them to add a touch of fun (and a sugar high) to their day.

The first Pokemon frap to pop up appeared as a chalkboard special in New Zealand. The Pokeball Frappuccino has a layer of Vanilla frap on the bottom, Strawberries and Creme frap on top, all under a layer of strawberry whipped cream. Another version of this drink from Korea has a layer of mocha sauce and a cake pop without its stick in the center to make it really look like a Pokeball. Special creations like this are popping up in Starbucks stores everywhere, but if your local chain does not have them, just ask for a custom frap using the recipes above.

These crazy creations aren’t the first way Starbucks has used free social media advertising to make money. The recent craze for the “secret rainbow menu” drinks has taken Instagram and other social media platforms by storm. The pink, purple, blue, orange, and green drinks are practically made to be photographed with heavy filters and the fact that there’s a whole rainbow of them means customers will come back to try the others.