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Goettl Air Conditioning Is The People’s Company

When Ken Goodrich took over Goettl Air Conditioning, things were not looking so hot for the air conditioning company. In fact, they were quite dire. That is why they needed a man with the power, conviction, and courage of Ken Goodrich. He gets things done, no excuses and no questions asked. This is, believe it or not, his 16th company that he has taken from the bottom and brought it to the top. What is even more remarkable about it is the fact that it took him four years to completely change the way people view the company and how they do business.


As any good leader knows, it is important to have a mission and it is important to have a plan. That needs to be put in place as soon as possible. If that is not there, it can be quite difficult for the company to get off the ground. That is why he had open communication. Even though Ken Goodrich is in charge, he values his employees and he values their input. He hired them for a reason and that reason was because he trusts them and he knows they are the right people for the job.


He knew a big part of this rebuilding process was gaining back the people’s trust, which can be very difficult to do in today’s marketplace. The way he was going to do that was by following up on things and delivering on his promises. If one of his workers say they are going to be there for a job, they are going to be there. They are not going to back out and they will not show up late. They will treat the customers with the respect they deserve and keep them coming back for more now and well into the future.