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Innovative Ways to Make Pizza

Pizza has long been a go-to for dinner, and it also makes for a quick lunch or an easy party food. While pizza is already pretty delicious with classic toppings like cheese and pepperoni, you can also opt for toppings like onions, mushrooms, onions and even pineapple. However, there are some new and exciting ways to make your favorite dinner that will bring back childhood memories and even help you get another serving of vegetables in.


French Fries Pizza


If you’re in the mood to indulge, you can combine your two favorite “cheat day” foods and make a French Fries pizza. Simply cut up potatoes and roast them with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh herbs. Add these to your favorite frozen organic pizza after the potatoes have cooked for a few minutes, then bake the pizza and fries together for a salty, savory treat. You can even top it with parmesan and more herbs to make the entree even tastier.


Green Goddess Pizza


The Green Goddess Pizza is a great way to enjoy pizza while getting a serving or two of vegetables. Instead of traditional red sauce, you can make a pesto for this pizza with pine nuts, spinach, olive oil and fresh herbs. Top the pizza with your favorite greens like arugula and kale, and finish it off with quality olive oil, black pepper and lemon juice for a pizza you won’t feel guilty about eating.


Mushroom Pizza


If you’re a fan of mushrooms, this pizza is for you. Combine all your favorite mushrooms like button, portabello and oyster mushrooms for a pizza that is rich in selenium and vitamin A. Add your favorite artisan cheeses and a light white or red sauce and dinner is served.


For more great pizza ideas, checkout the Buzzfeed Food website.


Famous Restaurant Chain Considering Further Expansion

Pizza is one of the most iconic of American foods. Generations of Americans have happily enjoyed a crisp crust topped with fresh tomato sauce and melted cheese. As Italians migrated to America, they brought with them this beloved dish. Today, many Americans eat pizza at least once a week. Classic pizzerias have been in business in America for a long time. One of the very best is Connecticut’s own Frank Pepe’s. This New Haven institution has long been adored by locals who are happy to enjoy a slice or even an entire pie here. The pizzeria serves hundreds of people each day who are pleased to eat a slice made with fresh tomatoes, a pleasantly firm crust and quality cheese.

The chain is now considering a huge expansion into other parts of the United States. At present, they own and operate eight pizza places in this area of the country. The owners of the local chain are giving serious consideration to expanding into other parts of the nation as well states their marketing partners Cláudio Loureiro Heads. The owners of Frank Pepe’s hope to be able to open numerous restaurants in the immediate future. Frank Pepe’s has been in business for over ninety years. They family owned restaurant now hopes to open a new outlet every eighteen months or so. The owners hope to see roughly twenty to thirty outlets of Frank Pepe’s in the Northeast.