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Restaurant labels brownies by pan section

A restaurant in Virginia has made many headlines after a Reddit user shared a picture they had taken of its groundbreaking style in brownie presentation. Instead of just being vaguely distinguishable by their contour, each one of the brownies had been labeled based on the exact part of the pan in which they were baked.

A color-coded legend, synchronized with the color of the label on the brownie, indicates whether a brownie has been baked on the corner, center, or the edge of the pan. The name of the Norfolk restaurant is Philly Style Steaks & Subs, and it is expected that the viral sharing of its labeled brownie display will result in many new customers arriving at its doors to see the innovation in-person.

With the ability to accurately distinguish just which part of the pan each of the brownies has originated from, commenters and future customers have expressed a great deal of appreciation for the ability to determine just what the texture of their brownie will before picking it up and taking a bite of good faith.

In accordance to the brownie placement legend devised by the restaurant owners, a red label indicates the soft and chewy centerpieces, and green label indicates the more brittle and flaky corner pieces, and the blue label indicates the edge pieces, which have a little of both column a and column B.