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George Street Photo & Video of NYC—Where Heart Meets Vision

Multi award-winning, George Street Photo & Video are New York City’s leading wedding photography experts. With love and family as the core of their business model, they aim to capture one of your most cherished moments in time perfectly—as if it were their own.

With the help of a professional consultant and style quiz, you will be able to discover and customize a visual feel that best reflects the spirit of your union. You will then be paired up with one of the many photographers and videographers on staff that is best suited to meet your unique needs.

No vision is too big or too extravagant. From engagement photos, wedding videos, and documentaries, to more photographic snippets of your love story in the making, George Street & Video can do it all. With George Street’s creative, friendly, and professional staff, you can feel confident that you, your guests, and your special day are all in good hands.

Tarallucci e Vino Thrills as Best Italian Restaurant

Restaurants in NYC are interesting. I cannot name a dish that you cannot get somewhere in New York. There are a ton of cool restaurants that have made an impression on me and the friends that I spend my time with. We go to a lot of different places, but there are probably only a few restaurants that stand out in our minds as exceptional.

One such exceptional spot is Le Bernardin. This is a fancy spot that serves as an excellent place to take a first date. I have been on dates here, and I would always think that it was odd that the person that I was dating at the time didn’t start with this restaurant. You cannot make a better first impression than Le Bernardin. It is one of the more pricey spots in Midtown, but the French cuisine is so delectable. It is worth the price that is paid.

It is evident that there are more than a few people that are trying to plan parties in NYC on any given day. Le Bernardin has a room upstairs for a private party. I have been to a fancy wedding here, and I was impressed with the outcome. This is a fancy spot for weddings, but there are some places that may be more suited for birthday parties or baby showers. I think that this is the case with Red Farm. It is on the Upper West Side and the prices are not as high as Le Bernardin.

Red Farm has been a great spot for friends to hang out. It is much more casual, but there is still a cool vibe for gatherings. I like this location because there are a lot of interesting dishes here. The chef cooks up lobster and other things like dim sum, and that is just a small portion of the menu. I like the Red Farm, but I think that the best restaurant in town that is a good middle ground between the Red Farm and Le Bernardin is Tarallucci e Vino.

I discovered Tarallucci e Vino when I was looking for a new breakfast restaurant after I moved to New York. I came across this restaurant and stuck with this because it had such delectable pastries. I really do love what this restaurant has to offer, but the menu is just a small part of the allure.

Tarallucci e Vino has several locations in New York City. I have been to all of these locations. I can say that the rooms are spacious because I have been to everything from conferences to bridal showers to weddings at the various Tarallucci e Vino locations. I have always been pleased with the events that have been held here, and it definitely doesn’t hurt to have Tarallucci e Vino catering. This is usually the reason that I come to anything that is held here. I love the menu, and the atmosphere is so alluring, especially for private events. I think that this may be my favorite among all NYC restaurants.