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McDonalds Is Changing Their Menu

McDonalds is changing their menu and I am not happy! Everyone knows that this famous food chain has been under much scrutiny from the public because of their high calorie, larger than life fat content food. They have made several changes over the past few years in an effort to try to improve things. One of the changes that my children loathe is the fact that a happy meal now has about 4 French fries in it. The pack is so small it doesn’t barley give you a taste.

The changes this time around are going to be with their sandwiches. Steve Easterbrook has been in the hot seat since he took over as CEO. Sales have been declining as the health craze continues. It is Easterbrook who wants to axe sandwiches like the Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese. Also, those wraps aren’t doing too well in the rankings either. It is possible that while the menu is being revamped they could also hit the chopping block. Might be that time to just change over to Bulletproof Coffee instead folks.

The other six sandwiches have yet to be announced. I am on pins and needles hoping they don’t take away my Big Mac. I have ate those sandwiches with extra Mac Sauce since I was a boy. Taking away that sandwich would be taking away an iconic legend in my mind. Do what you must for health reasons, but leave the Big Mac alone McDonalds. Prior to their slogan, “I’m not loving it!”