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The Rhythm of the Beat in Cassio Audi’s Heart

Drum beats are often soothing, rhythmic, and celebratory all at the same time. As an instrument that’s been used for many centuries as a way to communicate with others or call out an attack, drums have had a special place in music and culture around the world. The continual beat of a drum and the different ways they can sound have called many musicians to choose this instrument to be the one they play. Such was the case for a young Cassio Audi who found a calling in the rhythmic playing of the drums he heard.

So deep was this calling to play that Audi became a huge success in Brazil. The band he aided in founding, Viper, came together in 1985 at a time when the drums, being played with gusto, speed, and aggression, were a focal point of music that was called heavy metal. Inspired by other bands to reach great heights, Viper experienced immense success early and often with tours that took them around Brazil while their drummer, Audi, could be heard playing what could only be described as the sounds he felt in his heart being translated through the drums and more

The drumming of Audi and success of Viper was so strong that the band experienced global success within a few short years. Even though the band was only together for four years, they produced two albums and reached high on the charts around the world. Even though Audi gave up his drumming with the group after only four years, the sounds and the rhythm that plays in his heart and mind continue to aid him in reaching success in his life today. While we’ll never know the heights this group could have reached if they had stayed together, the lessons learned during this time help to guide Audi every day.


Foreign Correspondent Becomes A Vagabond Artist

A former foreign correspondent for CNN becomes a struggling artist and traveling writer on purpose to gather life experiences. Doug Levitt grew up in the Washington, DC area and despite being raised by a mother deeply involved in the political scene as a councilwoman, Levitt had no interest in politics. Instead, venturing into journalism, before leaving his career for the recording industry and eventual free spirited traveler.

He documented his soul searching journey using various forms of social media along the way. But, the complexities and similarities of people’s struggling in the United States touched Levitt to such a great degree that he felt himself changing internally. Levitt began writing songs and recording his trip in detailed writings, which later would become a book and an album, entitled, ‘The Greyhound Diaries.’

The entire trek was done solely on Greyhound buses and ended up covering over 100, 000 miles, taking nearly ten years to complete. Levitt felt deeply introspective after completing his journeys. It was the profound impact of the fellow travelers that he encountered along the way, which he felt like needed sharing on a larger platform. So, Levitt channeled the entire epic journey into a continuum of musical recordings, a publicly performed show, and an online series.

‘The Greyhound Diaries’ chronicles Levitt’s travels from his home in Nashville to many places around the US. Once based in London while working for CNN, Levitt departed the news world and entered a whole new world as a recording artist, hooking up with well-known music producer, David Henry. It was his collaboration with Henry that lead to the finished ‘Greyhound Diaries’ project. When it was complete, there were an accompanying 10,000 images that he took along the way at various routes and stops across the United States.

Doug Levitt has performed, ‘The Greyhound Diaries‘ as a one man show at the Walter Reed Medical Center and the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and numerous homeless shelters around the nation. ‘Greyhound Diaries’ is available as a two volume, EP recording and a 100 page book, first edition published in 2008.

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