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An Overview of Rodrigo Terpins’ Sportsmanship

Rodrigo Terpins is sportsman specializing in rally racing. He is a Brazilian and a brother to Michel Terpins, another famous rally driver. Sportsmanship has been a culture in this family given that their father, Jack Terpins, also known as Jackão was also a sports person where he played basketball in his younger days where he played for Hebraica in the 60s and 70s. The two brothers are rivals in rally racing where they sometimes face each other in various competitions. They are very passionate about thermally racing sport where they even founded a Rally team by the name Bull Sertoes.

His love for the sport has seen him win several victories in various participations in the main rally championships in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins competes for the T1 prototype category which saw him secure number 7 during the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally. Rodrigo’s navigator is Fabrício Bianchini. The two have participated in many competitions winning various awards. One of the races was the 22nd edition Sertoes Rally where among the 38 contenders, they managed to be position 8.

According to Vimeo, besides his love for sports, Rodrigo is also successful in the field of entrepreneur just like his father. Entrepreneurship portrays another similarity between the two other than sportsmanship. Rodrigo’s father may have been the primary motivator in his love for sports because he defended early on the interests of youths who practiced games which saw him became a community leader of the institution back at those times. On top of that Jack Terpins was the Sports Director for the President of Hebrew in 1991. These instances may have in one way, or the other lured Rodrigo to sports and specifically rally racing.

While Rodrigo’s father is a prominent figure in society and a leading personality in Hebrew, Rodrigo Terpins is a star in the world of rally racing. Being committed, dedicated and passionate in their different fields are traits that have significantly contributed to building their name. These qualities have enabled Rodrigo Terpins to overcome the harsh times encountered in rally racing which has seen him win various titles throughout his career. For more info, check out Rodrigo’s crunchbase profile.