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Modern and Pioneering Cooking Still the Trend

Ever since Texas women, modern, contemporary women, began bringing down-home cooking to modern kitchens, there has been a very elegant blending of pioneering cooking and modern technology and techniques which is both warm and low maintenance. This trend spread throughout New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and even Chicago.


“Modern Pioneering Cooking” was not only a fast spreading trend, but it became an ocean wave of a deciding factor on how women viewed the modern kitchen and how chefs in cooking shows went about “rustic yet high-end” techniques. And, it is still the trend today.


Food Network’s Ree Drummond, author of The Pioneer Woman, is starting a new show “Star Kitchen,” which is aptly named for both her high quality professional cooking and is a nice reference to Texas, the Lone Star State.


Ree Drummond, who is a very modern-day city girl, married a real live cowboy who is very comfortable with pioneering lifestyle and pioneering cooking. Ree combined her love of cooking with her love of her cowboy and created her website, The Pioneer Woman.


Ree Drummond’s new show, Star Kitchen, is coming out soon, and this shows the growing and pervasive trend in mixing modern techniques and modern style of cooking with pioneering style of food. It is a brilliant combination, especially since everyone loves to see professional chefs working on rustic dishes. In fact, this is one of the trends in the United States which is showing a comfortable melding between city life and country life, and is showing a comfortable mixture of cosmopolitan people, all of whom love and accept each other because of their differences, not in spite of them.


Warm, down-home cooking has always been a part of America’s roots. Though we may grow in technology and modernization, our roots lie deep and fertile in the pioneering cooking of yesterday. It is fitting that all of our trends seek to balance the two worlds and bring them together again, mix them together, and then grow and then bring them together again. It is fitting that this is the cycle of our cultural development in the United States. What are some of your favorite recipes or old fashioned techniques taught to you as a child? We would love to hear about them!