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 How Nine9 Works the Industry in its Favor

The entertainment industry is a very hard industry to get into. At the same time, it can be an even harder industry to navigate. The only way to survive in this industry is to have an agent. However, not just any agent will do. It is important to find an agent that is able and willing to connect their clients to the right opportunities. One issue that people have is that there are a lot of modeling and entertainment agencies that don’t know how to set people up with the right opportunities. As a result, people will wind up with setbacks. However, they could still make it in the industry as long as they have an agent.


Among the more effective agencies is Nine9. Nine9 Talent Agency is highly active in the industry. It is also effective in how it is able to set people up with the right opportunities. There are a lot of success stories that show that Nine9 keeps its eye open for all types of opportunities for all types of people with different goals. They are in the loop with all of the projects that are being proposed. The projects that Nine9 gets range from bit parts to starring roles.


Nine9 is able to work the industry in its favor because the clients have gone on to become stars. They have also managed to keep in touch with their clients because of the trust and the relationships they have built. After all, the entertainment industry requires that people have the right relationships so that they will be able to manage their lives in the industry. Nine9 not only sets people up with the right opportunities but also with the right people so that they can build each other up and encourage each other while they are faced with some of the trials the industry throws at them.

A Look At The Brown Modelling Agency In Texas

The Brown Agency Comes To Central Texas

On April 2nd in 2010, Central Texas saw the addition of a new fashion company in town. The Brown Agency was officially open for business in Austin, Texas. It launched its entry into the Central Texas market by hosting a launch party in the city of Austin. The event featured local models sporting designs created by Linda Asaf. Mrs. Asaf is a famous local fashion designer that is from Austin, Texas.

Many people were excited about the entry of the Brown Agency, which is affiliated with the world famous Wilhelmina Modeling Agency into Central Texas. Brown agency scouts said that central Texas has a lot of potential and that the area could become a fashion hub in the future. There is a sporty, collegiate and athletic look in Austin that many Brown Agency employees believe could really take off. They also complimented the locals of Austin, Texas by saying that many beautiful, talented and ambitious people reside there. The Brown Agency has stated that it would try and help these people achieve their dreams.

About The Brown Agency And The Services It Offers

The Brown Agency has now been operational in Central Texas for over six years since launching in April of 2010. It has since expanded into Dallas. The Brown Agency’s original and main Texas location is located at 100 Congress Ave Suite #2000 Austin, Texas 78701. You can contact the Austin, Texas Brown Agency office location by calling 512-370-4959 or by sending a message online to The Dallas Brown Agency location is located at 1717 McKinney Ave, Suite 700 Dallas, Texas, Texas 75202 and can be reached by phone at 512-370-4959. You can also contact the Dallas, Texas branch by sending a message to and specifying that you are interested in working with the Dallas division.

Justin Brown is the leader of the Brown Agency and serves as its president. He guides the Brown Agency on a philosophy that agency is only as good as the talent that it recruits. This is why the Brown Agency has high standards for any models or actors that want to join the agency. The Brown Agency is both a full service modeling and talent agency that services the entire Central Texas region.

Models from the Brown Agency routinely do commercials and are featured in films, TV shows and videos. The company is proud to have helped local Texans find employment and showcase their talents at major companies such as tech company Dell, beauty company L’oreal, fashion company Louis Vuitton and Japanese automotive company Toyota. Interested clients can choose from among the best of Texas models for fashion, commercial and theatrical showcase and performance.

What Sets the Brown Modeling Agency Apart

The Brown Modeling Agency sets itself apart by educating the public about what it takes to be a model in the 21st century. They were also perhaps one of the first agencies to give everyone an equal opportunity to be a model. The Brown Modeling Agency is named for the agency’s founder, Justin Brown, who developed a talent and passion for modeling during his college years. He started out by actually working with his models to act like professionals.

The Brown Modeling Agency is not without its criteria. For example, potential models have to be at least five feet tall but not too gigantic; not too skinny but not obese, either. However, the Brown Modeling Agency does have a kids’ department to help campaign for commercial purposes. They also take teenagers for their development section in fashion. They also have to be photogenic and have a natural talent for striking poses for the camera. If the individuals possess all of the above, the modeling agency is more than glad to provide the necessary training before releasing their models into the professional world.

The Brown Modeling Agency has proudly seen their models make it into various avenues from billboard advertising to magazine covers. The former graces highways in the Austin and other areas of the state of Texas. Some have assisted in campaigning for major brands from Loreal to Toyota. In order to build their fan base, their models can also be followed on Instagram.

According to FashionNet, a model is not something that anyone can “become”. Rather, it’s one of those avenues in which the talent is either present or it isn’t. Presentation as well as appearance counts and most clients are more impressed by the take-it-or-leave-it attitude rather than by someone who is obviously desperate to have the job. Most clients also want the appearance to look as natural as possible and as a result, models usually start out not wearing very many cosmetics at all. Or if they do, it’s made so that their appearance looks more luminous rather than porcelain. This is the sort of training that the Brown Modeling Agency is only too happy to provide.

Why Brown Modeling Agency Showcases it Theatrical Division at the Formual One Party

The Brown Agency will host the first Formula one party this year. This will go a long way in stamping their authority in the fashion industry. Brown Agency is a unique modeling agency whose other gigs include American crime, queen of the south in recurring roles. Brown Agency theatrical divisions feature Wilhelmina to make a strong theatrical division. These events help showcase Brown Agency’s growing range of models. If you are looking to becoming a model, an actor or actress, I am sure at one point or another you may have asked yourself questions like, am I tall enough? Do my measurements meet the required standard?

Different agencies look for different measurements for different occasions. Therefore, there is no standard measurement required. However, in most cases, height does matter since clothes look better draped over tall people. While the notion of ‘tall and skinny’ may appear to be the general rule, different modeling gigs pose different requirements.

If you meet the above criteria and want to become a model or a film star, Brown Modeling Agency will help you achieve that goal. The Brown Agency is a modeling and talent management agency that helps lead models down a runway as well as assist them in getting their acting careers underway. Brown Agency provides its clients with exposure to large brands in the world such as Dell, Toyota, Loius Vuitton, L’Oreal, etc.

The Brown Modeling Agency came as a result of an acquisition of Heyman Talent-South by Wilhelmina Austin in 2015. Before the acquisition, the two agencies were the two largest talent management agencies in the Central Texas region. Heyman Talent was a leader in acting talent management in Austin while Wilhelmina Austin was a leader in modeling talent management in Central Texas. The merger leverages the strengths and capabilities of both agencies. It brought rise to Brown Modeling Agency, the only full-service agency in Austin, which provides clients with a broader portfolio of modeling and acting talent.

The agency’s headquarters is in Austin with regional offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. Justin Brown, the founder and former head of Wilhelmina Austin serves as the CEO and President of the Brown Agency. Michael B. Bonnie, the founder and former chief executive officer of Heyman Talent-South, serves in the theatrical division of the Brown Agency.

During the merger, Mr. Brown, the CEO and President of Brown expressed his delight in becoming a full-service agency. He claimed that serving as a full-service agency was an integral part of the growth strategy at Brown Agency and a commitment to serving both the talents and the clients. Mr. Bonnie also expressed his delight at joining the Brown Agency stating that the combined talent provided a good growth opportunity.

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