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The Nutritious Side of Various Milks

Purchasing milk entailed only making a few limited choices. Whole milk, skim milk, 2% and 1% milk were the common selections. They are still available in refrigerated aisles grocery store aisles joined by treat-oriented staples such as chocolate milk and egg nog. Dairy milk is never going away, but not everyone is thrilled with drinking dairy. So along came other sources of milk. Coconut milk has been around forever, but it is experiencing a huge boost in popularity. Soy, almond, and cashew milk are highly popular and for a really good reason. They have less fat and are known for being quite nutrition.


The big question is “What type of milk is the most nutritious?”


The easiest way to answer this question is to look for the beverage with the lowest amount of fat, the lowest amount of sugar, and the highest collection of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. A proper amount of protein is found in the various choices as well.


Sad to report, anyone interested in nutritious dairy alternatives should stay away from coconut milk. Even though the taste may be exceptionally agreeable to some, the actual amount of nutrients in coconut milk is minimal.


As for the nutritious selections, the individual consumer really has to define what he or she is looking for. Dairy is going to come with a high amount of calcium, which may be a nutrient sought after. Others may be interested in protein. Whey protein is not going to be found in soy milk, but soy protein certainly is.


Performing a bit of research into what the particular selections offer is definitely necessary when the goal is to acquire the most nutritious selection. Simply purchasing items blindly because they have a good advertising campaign and make bold claims is not enough. Serious effort has to go into taking the right steps to ensure the best choice is made.


Finding a product that tastes good doesn’t hurt. No matter how nutritious a serving might be, few are going to be interested in making a purchase if the beverage has a disagreeable taste. The option does exist to add some fruit, crushed peanut powder, or even flavored protein to the mix. One good thing about dairy and non-dairy milks. There is a lot of ways to change up the taste.