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Mexican Conchas Hold As Much Mystery As They Do Flavor

Many people may not know it, but Mexico has some of the most delicious and decadent desserts in the world. There are literally hundreds of bakeries that sell every type of sweet treat a person could desire. If you count, you could find more bakeries than grocery stores. But the one sweet and fabulous breakfast treat that most people desire is the Mexican conchas

The cookie-topped bread is indeed very mysterious. Although people people aren’t very sure, the bread is believed to have been created during colonial times in Mexico. Although the conchas are fairly easy to make, they are made in two parts. The ingredients include the milk, flour, sugar, shortening and butter and yeast. When done, they are anywhere between 4-6 inches in diameter. The conchas are also round and scored on top to resemble a sea shell.

Conchas come in a variety of flavors — cinnamon, golden raisin, walnut, vanilla and even Mexican wedding cookie flavor. They are often topped with confection sugar and some are filled with berries and jams. Most people love them because of their versatility.

Mexican American bakers have brought these sweet treats to the U.S. and made them even better. They love experimenting with different flavors but they don’t changed the cookie top, which is a staple of the pastry.

As for the history of the conchas, no one knows for sure. It is unknown how or why the cookie top came into existence. Was it by sheer accident or on purpose? Or did the Europeans, who were also excellent bakers, add it?

There was a great deal of cross-baking going on in the 1500s up to the 1800s. A number of countries got ideas from others and added their own spin.

If you ask the Mexicans, they could care less. As far as they’re concerned, they take full credit for the creation. Take a conchas and dip it in a cup of hot coffee or chocalate and you will be in heaven.