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McDonalds Has A New Meatless Burger In Italy

A new burger has hit the order menu at McDonalds, a meatless burger aimed at the chocolate-loving crowds in Italy. It’s called the Nutella burger, though by traditional standards it might hardly be considered a burger. It does come packaged in a burger box just like the other main meal sandwiches do at McDonalds, and even has the regular buns surrounding it. But take one bite out of it and instead of being greeted by the expected rich beef flavor, you’d find a rich dark chocolate taste instead. This new sandwich is ordered as part or the McCafe menu, and is the second major chocolate experiment put out by McDonalds this year after they introduced chocolate-covered fries in Japan.


So how has this new dessert sandwich performed? Quite well considering McDonalds’ social media page blew up with over 60,000 Facebook shares, and certainly has trended over in Europe. What will the success of this burger mean for McDonalds and the chocolate market in the future? Could we possibly be seeing the start of a side McChocolate franchise? Who knows, but this novelty has certainly gained traction on a pretty large scale. It’s currently only available to order in Italy, but with all the likes and shares its gotten on social media, many are calling for it to make its way to the US.


Willy Wonka would probably have been proud to see the day that chocolate started becoming popular in the fast food markets. Nutella has long been a widely-craved product in Italy, with McDonalds even offering nutella jars for purchase. But one thing is for sure, dessert is just as important a menu as the main course, and soon enough we might see other fast food hubs like Wendy’s, Hardees, and Burger King explore the chocolate markets. But for those who might be planning to travel to Italy some time soon, stopping at McDonalds while there will not be quite the same as home.


For Many Hungry Olympians, McDonald’s Is The Food Of Choice

A current online article that I just read mentions how the McDonald’s restaurant that is in operation at the site of the 2016 Olympics is attracting steady streams of customers.

According to this article, many of the approximately 10,000 athletes, coaches and staff members who are temporarily staying at the Olympic Village are choosing to eat Big Macs and fries over other types of food that are served at the main food court. From morning until nighttime, there are lines of people from all over the planet waiting to acquire some of this fast food.

It would be logical to assume that the professional athletes at the Olympics would be on special diets that would probably not include lots of McDonald’s food. But, since they are human beings with appetites, the lure of McChicken sandwiches, milkshakes and apple pies is apparently too strong for multitudes of Olympians.

McDonald’s is a longtime sponsor of Olympic events and all of the food for the athletes, coaches and other personnel is provided free of charge. Whether the free status of the food is a large contributing factor in the massive interest in McDonald’s food at the Olympics is up for speculation.

Being a fan of the foods served at McDonald’s restaurants, I can understand the appeal of the chains’ menu offerings. Even though the main dining hall at the village offers free foods such as pizza and pasta, Asian and Brazilian items, BBQ foods, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and traditional dishes from around the world, they seemingly aren’t enough to satisfy the appetites of the masses.

Even while it has been raining outside, hungry and determined Olympians have been standing in lines that have been described as being longer than a football field.

Apparently in an effort to speed up the lines, McDonald’s this week announced that a limit of 20 items per customer can be ordered at one time.

This article really got me to thinking about the McDonald’s operation at the Olympics. With long lines of customers present both day and night, the restaurant must need a lot of employees, as well as regular replenishment of food supplies. I also can’t help but wonder what will become of this McDonald’s restaurant when the Olympic games end.

The McGriddle is Now an Option All Day Long

Nine months after McDonald’s announced that they would start offering their breakfast menu throughout the day, the list of available items has expanded to add one item that hadn’t been included in that decree, the McGriddle. Company officials made the announcement on July 6.

First introduced in 2003, the McGriddle had become popular enough to challenge the the Egg McMuffin, which has been the company’s long-standing breakfast leader for decades. The items that primarily make it up include a combination of egg and fried bacon with American cheese, with the buns replaced by smaller maple-flavored griddle pancakes that show the company logo on each side. In some instances, sausage is used, while a few regional options include chicken or spam.

Prior to this decision, McDonald’s customers had the opportunity to purchase the McMuffin after 10:30 a.m., which has usually been made in one of two ways. Restaurants based in the southern United States used biscuits while other outlets used English muffins.

McDonald’s has enjoyed a 5.4 percent boost in same-store sales since making the original decision and in January, posted its largest quarterly sales since 2012. However, throughout the past nine months, continuous requests to also make the McGriddle available were finally listened to by the company’s top brass.

Some areas already had the option of purchasing McGriddles all day, beginning with 72 outlets in Oklahoma on February 1. Less than two months later, a plan to add 1,000 more locations to that list was announced by the company.