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Billy McFarland and the Magnificent

Billy McFarland is the founder and CEO of Magnises, globally known as the fastest growing experiential benefits platform.

Who is Billy McFarland, and what is Magnises? Let’s talk about both!


First off, who is this Billy McFarland? Born in New York City in 1991 and raised in Short Hills, New Jersey, it was clear to most that the young McFarland was destined for a successful future as an entrepreneur in the constant growing world of American technology. Billy his first company ever pursued was an online outsourcing business.

The sole purpose of this business that was founded by a thirteen-year-old McFarland was to simply match clients with designers. As he got older, McFarland decided to briefly attend Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, where he decided to use his time to study computer engineering.

McFarland dropped out of college towards the end of his freshman year, founding a handful of Companies (SPLING for example – a useful site allowing its users to better the appearance of their URLs by switching them over from text links into graphic images organized into what are referred to as “mosaics” on virtual bulletin boards) and becoming very successful with the knowledge he had acquired.

Aiming to create an exclusive “black card” that was both community-oriented and technology-based, it was then that Billy McFarland founded “Magnises”.


Magnises, as previously stated, is an exclusive, members-only platform specifically designed to take peoples’ lives to the “next level”. McFarland states that it effectively “helps young individuals unlock the best experiences in their city and level up their life”. Magnises is a card that offers perks, guidance and admiration that would ultimately improve the user’s everyday life. Magnises is brilliantly geared towards the millennial generation (primarily yet not exclusively), a generation of people who are willing to try new things and achieve even greater ones!

The card is not a legitimate credit card, being that it is not linked to any financial institution. How this black card works is it takes the data from an already existing card and transfers all the information onto the strip of the Magnises card, now replacing the original debit/credit card. No need to worry, however, your original card it still usable!

The Magnises card has a $250 annual fee, with absolutely no initiation fee and no spending requirements. The card is available only in New York City and Washington DC, however plans to expand the accessibility of the card to more cities around the country are just around the corner!