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Maggie Gill’s Priorities Are Straight

Maggie Gill is very passionate about health. She is willing and able to make sure that people get the health care they need so that they can continue to live productively. Maggie Gill is one of the leaders of Memorial Health, serving as President and CEO. She is also skilled when it comes to figuring out the financial situation of the company she works for. For one thing, she has served in many positions in which she has handled the finances of a company. Among the positions she has held is chief financial officer at Tenet South Florida Health System. She has held this position for five years.

While she is really good in her career, there is something that she is better at. This is being a family member. Maggie Gill has recently stated that her family is more important than anything outside of her job. This is something that is very admirable about Maggie Gill. This shows that her priorities are straight. This also shows that she is good for her family. For one thing, it is important to have all of the priorities straight when it comes to financial management. When people have the right priorities, then they will be able to make better choices.

Maggie Gill has earned a Bachler’s degree at Florida State University. She has earned a few more degrees and has done some coursework in strategic thinking and management. This makes it easy for her to come up with solutions that will help the business grow and be able to serve customers better. Gill has not only shown that she is skilled at everything that is needed to bring about success to a company, but she shows how important it is for people to be organized in what they are doing. When people are chaotic in their approach to work, then they are more likely to fail.

Concurring the Medical World-Dr. Maggie Gill

The world revolves around innovation as well as technology, but we cannot also do well if we are not healthy. Health is mandatory in our day to day running of our activities, although it is not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle we all know it is necessary.
Maggie Gill is one woman who has made it in the medical industry through his hard work and determination. She was born in 1923 and had health challenges when he contracted polio at a young age. The disease saw Maggie in and out of hospital for two years for a series of remedial operations. The frequent visits, as well as the disease, left her with a disability on her limbs and spinal scoliosis. During her growth, Dr. Maggie Gill faced several challenges including education where she has been relieved to a large extent of abundant reading. Her health problems led Gill to have a passion in the medical field, and she has worked in the x-ray department for more than 22 years.
Maggie Gill’s hard work and passion saw her rise the career leader and she held the position of a personal secretary to the senior consultant radiologist. During the period when she held the position Maggie wrote an essay. Later Maggie married Rev Robert Gill who is the Rector of Hertford Parish Church. His writing skills have made him write scripts for the parish church in their entertainment as well as the hospital concerts. Maggie Gill is not only a medical expert, but she is also passionate about photography and artist. Maggie Gill has held various positions including being the Vice President of the Finance managed care of Memorial University Medical Center in 2004. In2009 she was named the Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health.
Maggie Gill is a good leader and a go-getter and has been providing effective leadership in the position of a Vice President, the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health. Mrs. Gill has direct responsibility for government relations, physicians, internal audits, orthopedic, Memorial Health University Physicians, as well as corporate communications. Before she joined Memorial University Medical Center, Maggie served at Tenet South Florida Health System as the Chief Financial Officer. Her excellent management skills made her receive the Tenet outstanding Chief Financial Officer Awards three times. Gill has also worked for Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah as well as North Show Medical in Miami. Maggie Gill earned his Bachelor’s Degree with honors from Florida University, and she graduated from Saint Leo University with honors in MBA.

Maggie Gill: Representing Healthcare’s Future

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health Medical Center (MHMC), a large non-profit hospital in Savannah, Georgia, Maggie Gill’s responsibilities include governing the senior staff, corporate communications, facilities management, physician and government relations and overseeing trauma services, orthopedic programs and the Heart and Vascular Institute. Maggie Gill’s education, which includes a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, an MBA from Saint Leo University and courses at the prestigious Wharton School, and experience make her the ideal person to lead MHMC, which is vital to the region as the hospital serves 35 counties.

Facing the difficult task of heading a safety net hospital operating the region’s only children’s hospital and only Level 1 Trauma Center, which receives no local funding, Gill unveiled an initiate, Pathways to Excellence, to save the hospital money. With Maggie Gill’s experience as the CFO of Tenet South Florida Health system and VP of Finance at MHMC, she will help insure the hospital’s financial health during these challenging times. In 2011, after MHMC went through three CEOs in four years, the hospital’s board unanimously voted, affirming their support of Gill, knowing that she had the right mix of executive and financial savvy to lead Memorial Health Medical Center.

The March 2016 edition of South Magazine called Maggie Gill “the Face of Healthcare” for her focus on preventative health and wellness programs. Gill instituted the Gulfstream Children’s Wellness Program and Center to teach kids healthy habits early on, as well as making the hospital a key component of Safe Kids Savannah, which focuses on programs such as bike safety and water safety.

At the recent Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards, the Memorial Health team earned seven awards, including one for health care innovation, one for health care education, two community outreach awards and two physicians won lifetime achievement awards.

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