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You Haven’t Really Lived Until You Get A Magnises Card

If you’ve ever gotten any club pass before, you’re probably thinking that it’s a piece of paper that lets you into a club that may have been difficult for you to enter otherwise. The Magnises card gives you a different kind of pass that you’ll want to have, especially if you’re an avid club goer in the New York City area on Every city has their hot clubs, but New York City practically invented the hottest nightclubs, and many will come from different states to go to these clubs, which makes them even more popular. Since New York clubs can be popular, they are hard to get into.

You can easily see a line that goes down the street outside of the door of any popular club, and not everyone will get through those doors, but those with a Magnises card can get a ClubPass on their card to make sure they will enter the doors when they are ready to party. Who wouldn’t want to pay for a card that gives a pass to allow them to party as they please at almost any nightclub in New York City? For only $65 every month, the Magnises card can be loaded with the ClubPass.

Another pass that’s worth mentioning is the HotelPass, which is excellent for those who love to stay in luxury hotels but don’t want the high cost of staying in those same hotels. Everyone knows about Dream hotel in New York, which is luxurious, beautiful, and elegant, but they also know that the prices can start at close to $250 a night. How would you like to stay in that same hotel for only $79 a night because you have a Magnises card? If you were able to obtain a hotel stay for such a low price, you’d easily save about $170 per night.

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All things are possible with the Magnises card, and the card is easily obtainable as well. The Magnises card only charges a nominal fee each month for a card that’s personalized for only one user. The card is even better than you think because you can even make a payment with the card too because your bank account can be connected to it. Travel with the Magnises card in cities like Washington DC, San Francisco, and New York City, and you’ll see what kind of great discounts you can receive with the card.

Offering incredible discounts aren’t all the card does because its purpose is to get the young professionals who use the card into some of the hottest events. Concerts that seemed off-limits can now be opened up to you. Luxurious getaways can also be obtained when you use the Magnises card. Free hotel upgrades can be given to you complementary because of the Magnises card. There’s no need to wait when you’re only missing out on the most fun by not having the Magnises card, it’s affordable and brings many perks, so get your card now.

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