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Low Salt, Low Health?

For decades, people have been told time and time again that they should maintain a low salt diet. This admonition was ubiquitous, with no real exceptions ever being made.

A new, extensive worldwide study has been completed. Researchers associated with this study are reporting that a low salt diet actually may not be a healthy alternative for some people. In fact, according to the results of this particular study, a low salt diet may be detrimental to the health of some people. In certain instances, according to the study, a low salt diet may actually increase the chances for a person to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

The bottom line conclusion of this study is that only people with high blood pressure who actually consumer a great deal of salt need to cut back. All other individuals are overly focused on reducing salt intake when the actually do not need to be taking this course.

The study found that reducing salt intake only has a minimal impact on blood pressure. Taking salt intake below the recommended daily level for consumption actually increases the risks for other health problems. For example, low salt intake can lead to hormone imbalances in women and men alike.

Before a person makes any specific decisions on adjusting salt intake, he or she should consult with his or her doctor. Because there are a number of variables potentially at play in regard to salt consumption, medical advice is a wise course in advance of changing salt consumption patterns.