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Coffee Is Now The Breakfast Of Champs

Starbucks look out, there is a new brew on the market, and this one offers more than just good taste and a caffeine kick. LonoLife is introducing a new coffee, and this one is packed with protein. LonoLife is the company behind the popular bone broth K-cups that hit the market earlier this year and became a craze, but that wasn’t the only trick LonoLife had up their sleeve.

LonoLife’s new K-cups are packed with 10 grams of protein, for reference, a large egg only has 6 grams of protein. Each coffee pod contains regular Kona coffee but has the popular protein supplement animal-based collagen packed in each pod to get an extra protein boost. This supplement is widely used with those who practice the Paleo diet. Collagen is known for boosting healthy skin, strong and healthy nails, shiny hair, and healthy joints.

This interesting twist means that while everyone is sipping their morning cup of Joe, they can take in some healthy benefits on the side. Protein isn’t just great for boosting health and energy, it can also help fill you up and that means this coffee is basically a breakfast, no reaching for sugary treats or breakfast breads so many people grab on the run.

While there are other coffees on the market that have protein in them, LonoLife’s doesn’t use whey as their protein source, it is the only one to come in a convenient K-cup, and the pods are 100 percent recyclable which differs from most of their competitors. For those who don’t yet have a K-cup brewing machine fear not, there is also a stick pack version for you so you can get your daily does of caffeine packed with a protein and collagen boost. The product can be found here where it retails from $13.99 and up. It is available in a ten or twenty pack. More information can be found about this in a recent Huffington Post article.