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“Little Caesars” Being Sued for Mislabeling Pork as Halal

Mohamad Bazzi, a Muslim resident of Dearborn, Michigan, has hit pizza chain “Little Caesars” with a $100 million lawsuit. Bazzi’s suit alleges that Little Caesars sold pizzas marketed as “halal” despite containing pork products. Dearborn, Michigan, is a notable place regarding Islam in America because it is home to the country’s largest Muslim population.


Halal is a distinction that certifies meat has been processed under specific guidelines found within the Quran. Preparing food to halal standards is very similar to preparing food for kosher standards. A notable commonality between meats that are classified as kosher or halal is that the consumption of pork goes against both beliefs; foods that are not halal or kosher, such as pork, are considered “haram” or “treif,” respectively.


Bazzi’s suit claims that he and his wife purchased pizzas from the chain on March 20th and May 24th. In both instances, Bazzi purchased pies that were marked as halal food only to discover the presence of pepperoni toppings. Majed Moughni, The Bazzis’ legal representative in the suit, is requesting that the case be pursued as a class action suit. The filing of the suit was positioned ahead of Ramadan, a month-long religious holiday that entails fasting from sunrise to sunset. While Ramadan’s exact dates are dependent upon the lunar calendar, instead of the Julian calendar, 2017’s Ramadan falls from the 27th of May to the 24th of June. Moughni explained that his clients wanted the public to be aware of the potential catastrophe that could result from buying improperly labeled food from Little Caesars, especially for the feasting that occurs under the moonlight of Ramadan.


The Bazzis’ lawsuit, one that concerns a Dearborn eatery offering haram food as halal food, is not one without a precedent. 2013 saw McDonald’s issuing a $700,000 settlement after a Dearborn customer observed that the ingredients contained in franchisees’ halal menu offerings were actually considered haram. After the settlement was issued, McDonald’s abandoned the offer of halal food.


The exact legal jargon in the Bazzis’ lawsuit alleges that Little Caesars Pizza, LCE and employees of the shop they twice purchased pizza from, were in breach of contract, contributed to negligent misrepresentation, fraud and unjustly enrichment. Little Caesars has yet to issue a statement on the lawsuit.