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Dick DeVos Gets Initial Approval For His Liquor Business Purchase

The work of Dick DeVos has largely been limited to leading the family business of AmWay and its linked companies, but has been expanding into different areas in recent years. Dick DeVos has now looked to step outside his comfort zone and enter a new industry for his family by taking a controlling interest in the Coppercraft Distillery located in Michigan’s Holland Township, MLive reports. The Coppercraft Distillery will join a number of other investments made through Windquest since the investment company was formed in 2010 to provide Dick DeVos with a new outlet for his business activities.

Dick DeVos has been looking to create a new area of investment through the Windquest Group company, according to Wikipedia. The company has proven to be an important extension of the charitable works completed by Dick and Betsy DeVos, which has been shown by a commitment to green energy shown in the employment of an alternative energy specialist. DeVos has looked to create a diverse list of investments through Windquest, which includes a movement into the alcoholic beverage industry made through wine producers and distributors.

Despite the fast growth of Windquest Holdings the DeVos family is also seeking to extend its philanthropic work long into the 21st century. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been one of the most important in Michigan for many years, and is just one part of a greater philanthropic drive completed by the DeVos family. The need to assist those less fortunate has been a major part of the life of the DeVos family for many years and was begun by Dick’s father who founded the legendary Amway Corporation.

Dick is best known for his philanthropy within his community as he places importance on giving to his native community. He has founded an aviation school in his hometown as he is passionate about making affordable education as well as flight.

The Coppercraft Distillery had been one of the fastest growing in the craft alcohol industry within Michigan, and created a wide range of different products including gin, rum and other liquor drinks. Coppercraft Distillery founder Walter Catton III has been discussing the plans he has for the company in the future, which he identified as needing a greater level of investment to achieve. The assistance of Dick DeVos should allow an extended range of beverages to be produced and allow Coppercraft to extend its drive towards creating a craft brewery at the 9,000 square foot distillery.

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