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Ricardo Tosto Oliveira: The Distinguished Brazilian Litigator

The Brazilian legal system uses the Roman law which is also known as the civil law. The civil law originates from Europe and whose most common feature is that its most important principles are codified into a system which serves as the primary source of law. The civil law is simply a group of legal systems and concepts derived from the Codex Justinianus but largely overlaid by Germanic, Napoleonic, local and feudal practices.


The Federal Constitution is the supreme rule of Brazil and is characterized by a written form. According to the Constitution, Brazil is a Federative Republic made up of states and municipalities. The country is organized into 26 federate states which have the power to make their laws and Constitutions. Their power is however limited by the principles provided in the Federal Constitution. Municipalities have restricted powers since their legislation must follow the principles established by the Constitution of the state to which the municipalities belong as well as to those of the Federal Constitution.


Overview of the Court System

The highest court in Brazil’s judicial system is the Federal Supreme Court and is tasked with protecting the Constitution. Besides this, the court is responsible for declaring state and federal laws unconstitutional, rule over cases decided in instance courts where the verdict may violate the Constitution and order extradition appeals from foreign States.


The Superior Court of Justice, on the other hand, is Brazil’s highest court of appeal in non-constitutional matters. The court is tasked with upholding federal treaties and legislation. It grants a special appeal when a verdict made in the court of second instance offends a state or federal law or when more than two second instance courts provide different judgments on a similar federal law.


About Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is an accomplished lawyer who has served in the legal field for more than two decades. He is a specialized lawyer who practices civil and commercial litigation in areas like mergers and acquisition, international law, credit recovery and election law.

Mr. Tosto is an alumnus of Mackenzie Presbyterian University from where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law. He also studied business administration at the Fundação Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP). Besides being a litigator, Ricardo holds several positions in the legal community. Mr. Tosto serves as a member of the International Bar Association as well as the Brazilian Bar Association.

Fighting Socialism with Thor Halvorssen

Governing a country is more complicated than many people realize. Since politicians have to simplify concepts to explain them to the people, the people will erroneously conclude that everything could be resolved if they implemented the wisdom from their favorite zinger. For example, it would be nice if the poor had more money. It would be nice if college students did not have to pay for their tuition. Socialists will conclude that the government could pay for it. However, the philanthropist and Venezuelan native Thor Halvorrsen has spent a large portion of his career fighting the injustices of socialism. There are several points that he would raise to remind the people that it is not as simple as they might think.

Socialism Hurts Poor People

Socialism might give poor people money to help them to maintain their status. But it does not allow them to traverse their status. It does not help them to get through a difficult time. It locks them into that difficult time, making them dependent upon the government funding. That is why there are generations upon generations of families who live in bad neighborhoods. The socialist government has prevented these families from moving up.

It Removes The Motivation For The Working Man

The form of socialism known as Marxism is often summarized with the line, “To each according to his need, from each according to his ability.” But if the physician is getting paid according to her needs, then it seems difficult to keep her motivated to work according to her ability. There is a natural sense that the person who works deserves to be paid according to what she has performed. Beyond that, the person who is living in poverty and dependent upon government funding will not be motivated to go out and find work. She has everything that she needs. Further, if she were to get a job, she would lose government funding. Socialism is therefore detrimental to the workforce.

Having received a degree in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorrsen is an expert in these matters. His fight against socialism is based on the premise that it is simply not a viable economic policy.

Steps To Finding A Great Business Litigation Attorney

A reliable attorney aims to obtain the best possible results for his or her clients. A competent lawyer will work closely with his clients to get them the best settlement in their case. Look no further than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho when it comes to selecting a reputable and reliable business litigation attorney.

Finding a reliable and reputable lawyer in Brazil is not a daunting task. You can easily browse business litigation lawyer or attorney listings in your immediate area, start narrowing your search by practice area, or seek a specific individual referred by a friend. Through a reputable Attorneys directory, you will find lawyers who provide superior quality and excellence in their work.

Many individuals find recommendations from trusted friends, relatives and colleagues. These are also a good way to inquire about an attorney who renders excellent service. If people like the law firm or attorney they had hired for representation or advice, they will certainly recommend them to others who are searching for legal help .

When you want to hire a powerful lawyer, there there are trustworthy resources to make securing the right lawyer fast and easy. During a consultation with a lawyer, you can ask questions and in complete confidence present your case for the attorney to evaluate, and then give you his or her honest opinion.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a Brazilian attorney, is a well-known business and corporate attorney. He has practiced for over 22 years, obtaining excellent results for his clients around the country. He is nationally known litigation lawyer, with unique style and skills. Ricardo Tosto has advised and defended important figures, including contractors, business owners, executives, business managers, politicians, professionals and private individuals. He has dealt with some of the most complex legal matters in Brazil .

Ricardo Tosto has an amazing track record of success, and his clients have regard for him. Many multinational companies and large corporations turn to him for outstanding quality legal advice and excellent guidance in very complicated legal issues. Ricardo Tosto owns and operates a successful law firm in Brazil.