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CassioAudi Famous Musician, Businessman, Drummer, and Lyricist Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The music industry has seen many music bands come and go over the years, and there has been a transformation in the industry as well. The musical taste of the people continues to change with time, and it is one of the reasons why many music genres exist. It ensures that people can choose what they want to listen as per their personal musical taste and preference. In the late 1980s and 1990s, one of the music genres that got massive popularity and acceptance across the globe was Metal. Many bands composed and produced metal songs, but in Brazil, a band that got exceptionally popular was Viper. It is a band that was co-founded by the star drummer of that time, Cassio Audi.

Cassio Audi

Even though Cassio Audi was very young, his talent for drumming was highly talked about in the music industry. It is also what helped Viper get the sound and popularity it did. Cassio Audi has since then changed a lot growing up and has become an investment manager. Even though Cassio Audi enjoys tremendous success in the finance sector and is a focused and education professional, music continues to remain his top priority. Cassio Audi ensured that the band could connect with the audience well when doing musical tours and live shows.

Cassio Audi Group

Cassio Audi said that his band, Viper, was primarily inspired by the famous British group named Iron Maiden of which he was a massive fan of. Cassio Audi co-founded Viper in 1987, and the name of the band’s first album was Soldiers of Sunrise, which consisted of many chart-busting metal numbers, including Killera, Princess from Hell, Soldiers of Night, Wings of Evil, and more. Cassio Audi is a multi-talented musician and he can not only play drums but can also write lyrics. Cassio Audi wrote many of the top songs by Viper.

Martin Lustgarten, Investment Banking Guru

Investment banks core business it to avail funds and play an advisory role to individuals, corporate clients, and even governments. The banks also engage in a wide range of trading activities both for their customers and on for themselves. Some like, the so-called boutique financial firms or pure investment banks deal only with financial services. Many Investment banks, especially in America and Europe, are publicly traded entities. Their shares trade on the Securities exchanges, meaning anyone can buy the shares and be a partial owner of the banks. However, the decision-making powers are held by owners with significant margins of the bank’s shares. Such investors include affluent individual with huge net worth, institutional investors and government agencies, the bank’s directors, or even family groupings. Some, however, remain small in size and are privately owned whether by a single proprietor or partners.

Different clients seek the services of investment banks. Large corporate need their massive amounts of money invested in highly profitable ventures. Investment vehicles that amass assets from various quarters such as hedge funds and pension plans also need these banks. Governments seek them to raise capital to fund projects, and wealthy individuals to widen their and manage their portfolios.

One prominent investment banker is Martin Lustgarten, who has impressive experience acquired over many years in the industry. The success that is Lustgarten Martin, the Florida-based investment banking firm, is his brainchild. Martin heads its operations as the CEO. His approach to service is distinctive attention to individual clients. Martin is also known to maintain an excellent rapport with his employees and this, coupled with unmatched investment advice, has scaled his firm’s productivity. His is on track record as a leading investment banker in America whose reputation persists unmarred. His firm is truly an excellent choice for anyone who wants to attain the best in investment frontiers.


Knowing the People Behind The Midas Legacy and Their Philanthropy

The Midas Legacy is a Florida-based financial research company which is filled with experts whose experience and knowledge combined in the craft can certainly assist seasoned and novice investors in gaining economic success.

Key People Behind the Company

In order to understand how a firm can offer help to their clients, it is of utmost significance to know the individuals who serve as the pillars of The Midas Legacy.

Jim Samson

Jim Samson is the company’s Publisher. He has been in the real estate, trading, and entrepreneurial industries for more than two decades now, and his words have been quoted in multiple occasions by the International Business Times, a top source of business-related news around the globe. He is also a regular columnist in a publication, and holds the Best Business Blueprints, Retirement Calculator, and Real Estate Riches sections.
Sean Bower

As the Chief Editor of The Midas Legacy, Sean Bower has had the opportunity to utilize his journalistic prowess along with his specialization in financial matters to create articles regarding the ins and outs of the world of economy. The brilliance he possesses is recognized well in some of the largest periodicals, such as Nikkei (Japan), International Business Times, and Yahoo! Finance. Within Midas, his works can be found in Unlock Your Secret and Wall Street Informer.

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards is the resident health specialist of the company. He makes use of his know-how in the field to encourage their supporters to denounce synthetic remedies and embrace the organic treatments that the nature can offer. In addition to that, he likes to divulge any anomaly that takes place in the medical institutions that are often suppressed in other media outlets. His Natural Cures column is worth a visit.

Charity Works

The Midas Legacy continuously delivers assistance to various non-profit organizations within the United States. Some of them are dedicated to providing financial help to the children who are combatting cancer, like the local Give Hope Foundation and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The team also has active participation in sending donations and physical aid to the heroic veterans who have been injured in active duty through the Wounded Warrior Project, as well as to the people who have become homeless due to disasters and other problems via the Salvation Army.

The company is an avid supporter of the cause of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals too.

Check out the everyday life of a Midas member by connecting with them on Facebook.

Making the Best Bank Investment Move

Martin Lustgarten is a staunch supporter of international banking investment, the reason he spreads his massive wealth between different countries across the world. Through international banking, Martin Lustgarten can manage potential investment risks as well as accrue benefits from the local growth of those countries. He keeps a close eye on different markets, which gives him the chance to act whenever there is an expected downturn in the market. Martin Lustgarten has been able to achieve great results for all his clients due to his ability to study and monitor the market for emerging trends.


He makes a perfect role model for aspiring investors all over the world. Martin’s hard work in the industry and intelligence to identify emerging trends even before they start has always resulted to some of the best potential investment. The fact that he is smart and hardworking has allowed him to grow his wealth to large levels. Any other investor should follow the moves that Martin Makes by using them as models for making their investment options. Following Martin Lustgarten’s portfolio can be vital to the success of any investor in the world.


With stable economies, people can use the opportunity it provides to grow their wealth by making smart moves. Following the steps of investment experts such as Martin Lustgarten as an investor informs one on the right investment to make in the future. Keeping an eye on the experts presents an opportunity to make the right move and earn a lot of money all the time.


Investment banking is all about anticipation and making the right decision to maximum returns. Investment bankers are experts in investment banking and other financial issues. According to financial experts, the best time for investing is that time when the economy is recovering because it offers the best returns in the future. Investing today is important as it provides individuals with retirement incomes. Everyone wants to retire comfortably, which makes today the best time to make an investment. Everyone needs a smart venture banker to help them in reaching the top investment returns level. Martin Lustgarten is a role model and a good example of a smart banker.

The Midas Legacy Aids in Self-Actualization

Only a few firms are concerned about the deeper aspects of life willingly. The Midas Legacy is one of the companies dedicated to carrying out these tasks. They concentrate more on the causes of hindrances to financial freedom. One of the things that they assist in is discipline because most people are quite undisciplined when it comes to spending. These people end up struggling to meet their daily needs on top of the struggle to attain financial freedom. The Midas Legacy has experts experienced in several fields of life. Through this team of experts, they are gladly willing to assist people to retrace their financial freedom.

Through their Twitter handle, The Midas Legacy is helping many people to tackle different deeper issues in their life that are barring them from achieving financial independence. For instance, they may have jobs that pay little for them to pay their bills adequately. These bills accumulate with time making it harder for them. In such cases, a better perspective of addressing the issue need to be established.

The Midas Legacy is dedicating its resources including time, money and workforce to help tackle such employment situations. Among the ways they use on the situation, include helping the victims on how to fill out job applications and writing down their resumes. With this, it is possible for them to get better jobs that are paying more and thus be able to pay their bills without difficulties.

Also, The Midas Legacy assists these people to deal with their lifestyle so that they can consider first the things that are necessary for life. They may be required to cut on luxuries that are in their lives so as to give a financial room for the core needs that one must prioritize. This will help them reevaluate their priorities as Midas Legacy encourages them to pay for necessities first before going for the luxuries.
Apart from disciplining on spending habits, The Midas Legacy is also helping future entrepreneurs achieve their goals. The professionals in the firm provide ideas to their clients on how to increase their incomes. With more income, they will not only be able to pay their bills but also afford some fun treats.

About The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is an advisory firm headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida to offer research services for those who want to succeed in life. Most of the services provided by them relate to helping people attain financial freedom. They provide resources to their clients that benefit in disciplines of the self, finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, retirement and natural health among others.

Hands On Spiritual Guidance: The Kabbalah Way

The National Research Institute of Kabbalah was founded in the 1965 as a Unites States extension of Yeshiva Kol Yehuda, a spiritual guidance center located in Israel. Philip Berg worked alongside Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein at the Israel based institute, and after his death Berg and his wife decided to relocate to the Unites States and establish a Kabbalah Centre in New York City. The Kabbalah Centre headquarters is located in Los Angeles California, and was opened in 1984. Together, Karen and the couple’s two sons Yehuda and Michael serve as center directors, as well as spiritual leaders.
The Kabbalah Centre focuses on educating their student son the the teachings of Kabbalah and helping them gain a better understanding of Hebrew. While some Bible passages are referenced, the Kabbalah Center is not a religious institute, nor do they aim to replace any religion or religious ideologies. Rater than taking the passages in the Bible literally, the Kabbalah belief is that the Bible contains many secret codes to a successful and prosperous life. They also believe that as beings of energy, we should focus on ourselves, and our relationship with and understanding of who God really is. In Kabbalah, God, the most devine, is referred to as Light.

The Kabbalah teachings also focus heavily on Kippot, the belief that each pf us has a personal link or connection to the Light that is hindered the inability for the spiritual energy we may feel to manifest itself in physical form. It is believed that through meditation and upholding Kabbalah laws and practices one can remove this hindrance, and expose themselves and their spirit to the Light. The teachings of Kabbalah also focus heavily on astrology and sex, and before founding The Kabbalah Centre, Berg was an astrologer.

Since opening their doors, The Kabbalah Centre has developed a large following that includes several celebrities such as Madonna, Lucy Liu and Donna Karen.

Laidlaw and Company: Investment Advice from the Pros

Choosing A Reputable Form For Investment Advice

If you are thinking about getting into the investment field, or if you’re looking for a qualified money management firm, you’re not alone. Many people want to start investing but have no idea how to go about it. They search online for reliable advice so they can choose the right opportunity.

Laidlaw and Company is a well established investment banking and brokerage firm
providing personalized investment advice and guidance to clients, including private and public institutions, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.

One of the most difficult aspects of investing is finding reliable advice. With so many financial and investment advisors promising to help you reach your goals, it can be difficult to decide who to choose.

To ensure complete satisfaction, it is advisable to go with a company that has a great reputation in the industry. James Ahern of Laidlaw is a great example. Choose a company that has a track record of helping clients attain the level of success they desire. When it comes to choosing a reputable investment company to advise and guide you, look no further than Laidlaw and Company – a top rated investment firm.

To choose the best investment services firm, you should also look at the experience of the professionals at the company, its contacts in the investment industry, the level of financial or investment service that firm provides and whether the firm is highly committed to meeting the needs of of the client. It also is imperative to choose an investment firm that you can trust.

Laidlaw and Company is highly reliable, reputable and renders top notch service. Laidlaw and Company has numerous positive reviews and is dedicated to helping clients reach their desired level of success. One of the firm’s top experts in the field, Matthew Eitner, ensures that every advisor that works with their firm is honest and transparent in their dealings with clients.

Matthew Eitner from Laidlaw and Company is your clear choice for high quality investment advice. Check out Laidlaw and Company by going to the company’s website. You will find out more information about Laidlaw and Company and the high quality services they provide.

The Downside To Short Term Rentals

Short term rentals are growing in popularity. They offer a way for property owners to pay on their mortgages, pay off loans and even make some extra cash. The problem is that many do not realize that there are legal and insurance implications with renting out rooms, or even a whole house. Places that aid with doing these types of rentals also place insurance responsibilities entirely on he home owner.

Knowing the legal and insurance requirements before renting out a room or house will make things go more smoothly for everyone involved. getting in touch with legal or financial experts who can deal with these issues is suggested before any rental agreements are entered into. This will assure that all involved in the transactions are covered.

Richard Blair is one such financial advisor who can help. He deals with wealth generation and growth and would have the intricate knowledge necessary to deal with short term rental obligations. He would also be able to advise clients doing these transactions the best venues for gaining wealth from them instead of simply being at risk.

When dealing with places like AirBnb be aware of two of the greatest issues. The first being that a home owner’s policy will probably not cover damages and losses incurred through the short term rental. The second is that having tenants in your home comes with a ton of risk.

A home owner’s policy does not cover all of the damages and repairs needed if your homegets harmed from a short term tenant. Short terms rentals are considered a business. Many policies do not cover for this type of activity. If doing this without informing the insurance company, you could lose your policy.

Tenants can also cause a whole bunch of other issues as well. Money made on the transaction is dependent on them actually paying. What happens when they refuse to pay? There is also the issue of whether or not someone gets hurt on your property. Who will be liable and who will be responsible for making compensation?

These short term tenants can also cause a lot of trouble with neighbors and even damage their property. if a thorough background check is not done, will these short term tenants be doing anything illegal on your property? These are just a small handful of issues that must be considered before getting into the rental game. Be sure to consult professionals who can answer these questions before getting into rentals.

Learn more about Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions:

Risk Management Investment Strategies

Risk management is a term according to that is used to mean many things. In finance, the term indicates the potential that an investor will lose their money or not receive the return that they expect. The best investment advice considers a number of different worst case scenarios and provides the client with a deep understanding of the possible outcomes.

Similarly posted an article on how debt can increase the risk of an investment and make the risk management even more important. With debt, you may even have to put in more money than you started with. People that buy stocks on margin have to add additional capital when the price goes down. If it goes down too much, the investor will be in serious trouble.

Laidlaw & Company is an esteemed investment bank with an incredible 170 history of financial advice. They have served some of the top companies and individuals in the US and Europe. These teams work together to provide risk management, capital raising, investment advice and strategic transaction services.

Laidlaw & Company has divisions including Capital Markets, Alternative Investments and Wealth Management. The leaders of these divisions all have decades of experience helping clients. In their own way, each division must carefully consider risk management on every investment or business decision for their clients.