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How the Future of Technology depends on Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is a renowned personality especially in the State of Arizona. This is a state that he resides in and has practiced throughout his career. He has an interesting profile that can be emulated by so many young entrepreneurs because of his consistent successes. He is a person who works towards bringing the future close to the present. He has a great aptitude for technology innovation and its trends. He always uses his abilities to give back to society and aims to improve the quality of human life with intelligent design. Apart from all these aspects, he is also an investor and entrepreneur. To top it all up, he is a philanthropist who is influential throughout his field.

Being an Arizona resident, Jason was raised in Tempe. He went to college and attained a degree in Finance from Arizona State University. Apart from that, he was also able to receive a Masters, and Bachelors of Arts in Business in the Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

The fact that Jason Hope is a successful business entrepreneur has influenced his interest in politics. He has specialized more in politics that mostly affects the business world and people’s lives through technology. He has positive influences due to his sound inputs in Arizona the rest of the nation.

As it has been mentioned earlier, Jason Hope is a futurist who desires that the future is here up close to us. One of the ways that he has made this happen is coming up with a web called the Internet of Things. He always has new updated articles that discuss this technology. The articles tend to focus in more detail on how one can be familiar with this type of technology. In his book, The Internet of Things, he also elaborates more on the benefits of this new infrastructure in further development and innovation. He does that because the more we move into the future, technology in itself will advance too. Hence, he is equipping people with the ways to adapt to the new changes. In this book, he points out some of the advantages of this technology.

Jason Hope has always had a passion for technology. During his career as a business technological expert, he has spent most of his time finding the ways that technology is affecting the current business world. Equipped with technological skills and also a forward thinking approach, Jason has played a major role in making sure that the future is more brightened and improved using the power of technology. He has been in a position to fund many of the technological projects that are active within Arizona. This is so because as said earlier, he loves to give back to the community.

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Jason Hope’s Contribution to Research on Ageing Process

The direction of the modern medicine is more reactive than proactive when dealing with diseases related to the aging process. That means that the kind of study being carried out is to treat conditions such as diabetes rather than preventing it. That is why people like Jason Hope, an Arizona based entrepreneur and investors have come up to influence advancements in anti-aging initiatives through contributions. Jason Hope has concentrated his philanthropic efforts to SENS Foundation, a non-profit institution established in 2009 to deal with age-related conditions. Since SENS Foundation was created, it has acted as a driving force in rejuvenation biotechnology. It emphasizes on dealing with conditions related to aging.

Jason Hope started supporting SENS Foundation in 2010 when he contributed half million dollars to the non-profit organization. The funds helped the organization to construct the Cambridge SENS laboratory and bring in new research initiatives. Jason has also recently contributed more than $1 million of his money to the action. When asked why he has interest in supporting the SENS Foundation, Jason said that he believes in their work and comprehends the importance of their work in improving human medicine. He further stated that their actions have the power to redefine the biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Jason Hope adds that is hopeful to play an active role in the organization’s outreach efforts besides financial support.

The futurist and investor said that rejuvenation biotechnologies indicate the future of human health. It is an approach that focuses primarily on preventing diseases from creating better quality and longer life, unlike conventional methods that focus on treating the diseases. The normal body’s metabolism gradually causes damage to the body, which causes ravaging diseases that come as a result of old age. Consequently, the SENS method works to fix the kind of damage before the human body develops deadly pathologies.

About Jason Hope

Jason is an Arizona native, futurist, inventor, and business consultant. He has a passion for technology and standing behind the institutions that stand out to him. His philanthropic works focus on education, disease cure, and scientific research. Jason believes that his professional success is directly related to giving back to the society through his philanthropic deeds.

Jason Hope’s advice to entrepreneurs is that they should focus on one project at a time. He notes that most young entrepreneurs have a tendency of jumping from one project to another, which means that they abandon their primary project. Jason also advises entrepreneurs and business people to keep contact with all the market contacts and referrals they come across. He further adds that networking is essential to every entrepreneur.

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Aging-Related Disorders, Jason Hope’s Current Focus Philanthropically

Aging is a part of the human development process, what is not, however, is the various diseases and disorders that come with as human age advances. Jason Hope understands this concept perfectly and that has informed is a conscious choice to partner with an institution such as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) which are working to find preventing solution for the disorders that come with advanced age. The SENS a not for profit research organization that is fully dependent on the goodwill of private individuals and philanthropists. It has benefited immensely from many contributions made by Jason Hope.

Extreme #cure for #MS reboots immune system – but can be fatal

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) June 13, 2016

In 2010, for example, when the SENS was in dire need to fund a new research aimed at breaking down advanced glycation end products in human tissues, Jason Hope came in handy with his generous contribution of five hundred thousand dollars. The donation enabled SENS to build the Cambridge Laboratory and equip it with state of the art equipment suiting their new approach to anti-aging problems research.

Passionate about new approaches to treatment procedures to diseases that accelerate the aging process, Jason Hope wants medical research to focus on preventive research to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other tract diseases that afflict human beings as they age. Hope supports SENS because he is convinced that the organization is genuinely attempting to create an entirely new biotechnology industry that moves away from treating diseases afflicting people to completely stopping the diseases from occurring.

Born and brought up in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope attended Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance and then proceeded to the W.P Carey School of Business at Arizona State University from where he obtained his Master of Business Administration qualification. Upon completion of studies, Jason Hope embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and achieved success in what might be considered a pretty short span of time, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Today, Jason Hope has rightfully earned his respect as a futurist who has a firm understanding of the trends technology is taking and likely to take in the future. He, for example, has firm belief that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing in the world of technology. He has been quoted speaking passionately on philanthropic ventures especially those regarding anti-aging technologies. The capacity of human beings to lead a happy, healthy, long life probably up to a hundred and twenty years seems to have captivated Jason at the moment, and

Why Jason Hope is Optimistic about the Future Role of Technology in Economic Activities

Jason Hope is a celebrated techpreneur, investor in health technology, and philanthropist from Arizona. Hope earned his MBA and an undergraduate degree in finance from the renowned Arizona State University and read full article.


Entrepreneurship journey

As he was venturing into entrepreneurship, Jason Hope drew most of his inspiration from the mobile communications technologies that were developed at that time. He was certain that these technologies reached a wide range of clients. He decided to open a business venture to sell premium text message services. This venture prepared him for his future pursuits in technology and medical research and

As an entrepreneur, Hope had a healthy sense of doubt. He believes that this attribute keeps him going and forces him to think about the way forward critically. This is because new ideas or products tend to present challenges and raise questions. According to him, entrepreneurs can only succeed if they know how to handle these challenges and learn more about Jason Hope.

Today, Jason Hope generates millions of dollars from his diverse portfolio of technology firms. This includes Jawa that deals with mobile communications solutions that are tech-oriented. He also makes a living from companies that offer business information systems and interactive software, search engine optimization services and digital media services and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.


Productivity strategies

Jason Hope is optimistic about social media as a marketing tool that entrepreneurs can use to generate new business. He is also certain that this tool is readily available and can be used to develop and strengthen business connections. Jason Hope cites Twitter as the best social media platform for sharing news, keeping in touch with customers and tapping into new opportunities.

Hope attributes his entrepreneurship success to his ambitious and futuristic thoughts. He prefers to focus his thoughts on the path in which technology is progressing. As a futurist, one of the exciting trends that excite him is anti-aging therapy. He is hopeful that such innovations in medicine would help in improving the society.



Jason Hope is among the successful entrepreneurs in the US who wholeheartedly donate to charity. His most satisfying moment was when he donated $500,000 to a non-profit organization known as SENS Foundation. The money helped SENS in funding research programs with a shared goal of advancing medicine and anti-aging research.

Hope is impressed with the work SENS Foundation is doing in using technology to reverse illnesses such lung cancer and heart disease. He made his donation to the organization because its operations go beyond treating illnesses. SENS Foundation is known for developing preventive measures for life-threatening diseases and

Jason Hope From Arizona Has Groundbreaking Ideas

Jason Hope is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and has an interest in futurist concepts, technology and philanthropy. He was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. He went to Arizona State University to study for his degree in finance. He later went on to study for his MBA at W.P. Carey School of Business.

Jason is an avid researcher and believer of The Internet of Things. The IoT concept is that every item in our lives will be eventually connected to the Internet. He sees that popular upcoming items will be fitness trackers and smart cars. The network connection to our household products will be able to provide enormous amounts of data for businesses to make better decisions in the future. Jason also has an active blog, which he posts about IoT and technology related news.

In a press release on Market Wired, Jason claims that large cities will probably be the first to adopt IoT. Jason also acknowledges that software must be debugged and perfect before a large city rolls out complete network immersion. If the software can be perfected, then cities can improve the efficiency of public transportation, improved security and the prevention of power outages and surges.

Jason Hope is a big supporter of the SENS Research Foundation. He even pledged over $500,000 to go towards their projects. The non-profit organization researches treatments for age related diseases. They deal with stem cells, tissue engineering, mitochondrial mutations and many other projects related to cell aging. They are partnered with several universities, including: Yale University, Harvard University, Cambridge University, University of Texas, Rice University and University of Arizona.

Jason Hope issues grants from starting entrepreneurs through his website. Users may submit their idea through the contact form and Jason will review the ideas personally. The grant amounts are between $500 to $5,000.

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