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How IAP Worldwide is Assisting the U.S. Army

October of this year marked a new event for IAP Worldwide, with a highly valued contract for assisting the Army with integrated logistics. Winning the contract with the Army was a big win for IAP Worldwide as they were to provide fielding and training support a top priority. The assistance is for the Project Manager, a unit known as the Distributed Common Ground System-Army in Fort Hood, Texas.

IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide works to prepare for the most difficult situations and to assist the military and other government agencies when disaster strikes. The work is to take place in what is known as the Rapid Response Third Generation. The Vice President of IAP’s National Security and Technology programs has stated that the goal of IAP is to find the toughest challenges and to be able to rise to the occasion to meet those challenges.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide on

The customers that come to IAP Worldwide are looking for a long-term solution, and the only to handle the long-term needs of the client is to share their goals for the mission. IAP can meet the needs of their clients efficiently and with the sharp laser focus. Each mission has a unique focus and individual goals. IAP Worldwide is dedicated to learning what those goals are and how to help each customer attack their task with real purpose and sense of accomplishment.

The Army has their system for posting data for each mission, as well as to process data and to uphold the utmost respect for any intelligence that comes across the desk of those who are involved in assisting with the company. This particular contract is valued at over $53 million dollars and is one of the highest level contracts that IAP Worldwide has taken on in several years.

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The competition for military contracts like this is steep, but IAP Worldwide continues to win the contracts at the most competitive price. While these contracts are highly coveted, they are also consistent with what it takes to lead with excellence. This is what the personnel with IAP Worldwide are all about. While this mission is critical, it’s also important that who takes this task on takes it seriously and will treat it as their own.

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