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Goettl Air Conditioning Providing Help To The Less Fortunate

Goettl Air Conditioning is a comprehensive commercial and residential air conditioning and heating services company. In business for over 76 years, Goettl has locations in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson.

They provide air conditioning repair, replacement and maintenance services. Additionally, Goettl offers heating services such as installation, and heat pump and furnace repair and replacement. On its Facebook page, Goettl provides general information and a special introductory offer for new customers, $75 off any heating and cooling services.

Ken Goodrich, Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of Goettl highlights the other services that Goettl provides, including UV germicidal lights to improve air quality. Goodrich plays an important role in community outreach efforts. He speaks about helping the less fortunate, by stating: “giving back to those in our community who need help is our obligation.”

An obligation which they gladyly demonstrate at every given opportunity. Recently, in September 2016, Goodrich and the staff of Goettl Air Conditioning helped an elderly man who had meager funds, but his unit gave out and his water pipes had burst. Needing major repairs and being on fixed income, didn’t leave any room in his budget for the type of money needed to completely replace his plumbing system and air conditioning unit.

Goettl formed a partnership with the Sunny Plumber to restore the air conditioning and water in the man’s home, all at no cost to him. In Arizona, summer heat can cause temperatures to soar, reaching highs of 115 degrees, which is unbearable for most; not to mention an elderly man.

With Ken Goodrich community involvement seems to be a natural extension of the kind of service that the company provides. The entire article and video about the situation involving Mr. Stiller, can be viewed here.

On their Facebook page, Goettl Air Conditioning offers additional large discounts to anyone looking to trade-in their existing air conditioning unit for a new system. When their not busy with air conditioning and heating repairs and installation, Goettl continues the involvement with helping those less fortunate.

As was reported by a PR Newswire press release in May 2016, Goettl helped a veteran jump-start his career. The company gave the student graduate, $1000 in free tools to get started in the HVAC industry. Navy veteran, Nick Hughes received the award, to move towards a brighter future after not being able to find a job, four years after leaving the military.