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Thor Halvorssen: The Enthusiast Human Right Activist

Thor Halvorssen is trying his best to make the world a better place. The 39-year-old is ridding the world of tyranny has better prospects for the future. Thor is the president of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) through this organization he has made great effort to support the victim and at the same time revealing the how dictatorship has affected the world. He believes that human rights are not something that should be discussed as a bargaining tool rather they are the foundation upon which all other discussion rest.

His determination to reveal the truth are founded within his blood. He draws this charisma and enthusiasm from his grandfather who was a fighter, who also served as the Norwegian King’s council during the World War 2. His family has also been involved in human right activism, for instance, his mother was shot while on a peace protest. Leopoldo Lopez his first cousin was a political prisoner for criticizing the Chavista rule. His father Thor Halvorssen Hellum was a representative of the anti-Narcotic Affairs from 1989 to 1993. Halvorssen mission involves standing up against the authoritarian and tyrant that runs deep.

Thor Halvorssen’s is passionate about exposing the corrupt individuals and government of the world which is motivated by the determination to see the end of the 70-year rule by the Kim’s in the country of North Korea. HRF is concerned by the impact of the life in North Korea. As result it carries out hackathons for its affiliate groups, developing new ways to get good across the borders inside North Korea, these good consist of stealth USBs and giant slingshots that can be used to fling non-allowed goods across the river from China. The organization also uses giant balloons that carry anti-regime leaflets, entertainment, cash that airlift from South Korea border.

Halvorssen who is also known for the intake of supplementary diets, and has plans to be cryogenically preserved, he great desire to get rid of the world tyranny, Halvorssen is an exceptional character. Unlike many people, Halvorssen has taken measure to ensure fight for freedoms and liberty for the people of North Korea from the oppressive regime. He is fearless in the fight for freedom.

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Fighting Socialism with Thor Halvorssen

Governing a country is more complicated than many people realize. Since politicians have to simplify concepts to explain them to the people, the people will erroneously conclude that everything could be resolved if they implemented the wisdom from their favorite zinger. For example, it would be nice if the poor had more money. It would be nice if college students did not have to pay for their tuition. Socialists will conclude that the government could pay for it. However, the philanthropist and Venezuelan native Thor Halvorrsen has spent a large portion of his career fighting the injustices of socialism. There are several points that he would raise to remind the people that it is not as simple as they might think.

Socialism Hurts Poor People

Socialism might give poor people money to help them to maintain their status. But it does not allow them to traverse their status. It does not help them to get through a difficult time. It locks them into that difficult time, making them dependent upon the government funding. That is why there are generations upon generations of families who live in bad neighborhoods. The socialist government has prevented these families from moving up.

It Removes The Motivation For The Working Man

The form of socialism known as Marxism is often summarized with the line, “To each according to his need, from each according to his ability.” But if the physician is getting paid according to her needs, then it seems difficult to keep her motivated to work according to her ability. There is a natural sense that the person who works deserves to be paid according to what she has performed. Beyond that, the person who is living in poverty and dependent upon government funding will not be motivated to go out and find work. She has everything that she needs. Further, if she were to get a job, she would lose government funding. Socialism is therefore detrimental to the workforce.

Having received a degree in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania, Thor Halvorrsen is an expert in these matters. His fight against socialism is based on the premise that it is simply not a viable economic policy.

Yeonmi Park’s Daring Escape From North Korea

The citizens of North Korea live under a totalitarian, power crazed regime. Escaping from the country is an extremely difficult ordeal for several reasons. For one, the government aggressively tries to prevent citizens from fleeing the country. Those who flee risk being killed in the process. Furthermore, escape into South Korea is essentially impossible. The border between the two countries is separated by a demilitarized zone.

To the north, the country is bordered by China. China is not tolerant of North Koreans being in the country. However, Yenomi Park and her family bravely dared to escape the oppressive regime. Yeonmi Park’s tale on The Guardian is an inspiring one for North Korean citizens. It also is very eye opening to outsiders to see the horrors of the North Korean dictatorship. 

Her escape was made in a very bold and daring way. Her father was released from a prison camp where he had been held for “illegal trading”. When her father was released, Yenomi and her family made the choice to flee. They hired smugglers that got them into China. Once they got there, they had to be careful to avoid detection by the Chinese government.

While in China, Park’s father died of colon cancer. This was very traumatic to Yenomi and her mother. After her father’s death, Yenomi and her mother were able to make it to the Mongolian border. However, this plan did not work out very well. They were allowed into the country, but they were jailed in Mongolia’s capital.

They were in this jail through the late winter and early spring of 2009, but eventually they were let go. When they were released, they were able to get to South Korea. When they got there, it was possible for them to become citizens. At last, Park and her mother were able to be free from government oppression. 

While in South Korea, Yenomi has done a great deal of speaking out about the horrors of living under the North Korean dictatorship. Yenomi has been able to show some North Koreans about the world outside of the totalitarian regime. She also has shown the world what truly goes on in North Korea.

This has shocked many people living in different countries throughout the world. She told her story on BBC and during the One Young World summit in Dublin. Her moving speech really changed the way many people see the North Korean regime, and the speech has been seen by millions online all over the world. She also has spoken on other occasions, such as on TED and Dateline. 

Yenomi Park and other North Korean defectors have great potential to bring about social change. As time goes on, more people will hear their stories. It will spread the word of what goes on in North Korea throughout the world.

Yenomi’s story and other stories of life in North Korea contrasted to life in most other parts of the world will show those living under Kim Jong-Un’s regime the evil of his ways. Yenomi feels that her and other defectors may one day be able to bring about changes to how North Korea is governed. It would be wonderful if that ends up being true.