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Get Your Ninja Dogs at Ikea Japan

The hot dog has been around in one for or another for centuries, but there haven’t been too many innovations when it comes to it presentation. However, that’s changing at Ikea stores in Japan, which is offering customers the chance to eat the “Ninja Dog,” in celebration of the company’s 10th year in the country.

Ikea, which is more famous for selling assembled furniture and other home-oriented items, already sells a hot dog that’s virtually the equivalent of a foot-long to its hungry patrons. However, the Ninja Dog has a very visible difference from the standard order. While the meat remains the same size, the hot dog and the bun have a black hue to them, while all condiments remain the same.

The process in helping both items reached that distinctive color involves the use of edible bamboo charcoal. Despite the unappealing look that it might have with some consumers, this type of charcoal actually is supposedly beneficial to a person’s health. That’s because of its alleged ability is able to kill toxins in the body.

While there’s no real scientific evidence that such a claim is true, the unique nature of the item and the alleged health properties have caught the attention of customers.

Japan isn’t the only Asian country to attempt this new innovation, with Korea also selling hot dogs with black buns. This particular product is reminiscent of the publicity that was created in 2014 when Burger King outlets in Japan began selling Whoppers with black buns.