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Hearty Summer Meals

One of┬áthe traditions of summer is grilling a hamburger and adding all of the toppings to make it as large as possible. There are a few tasty ways to create a hamburger and side dishes that family and friends are sure to enjoy. Enjoy a burger that tastes like it comes from a steakhouse when you add sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. You can add a bit of steak sauce to the hamburger before it’s grilled, or you can brush the bun with a small amount of sauce, placing the bun on the grill for a savory flavor.

Enjoy a hearty meal by grilling pork tenderloin and your choice of vegetables. Potatoes and corn on the cob go well with a barbecued pork. When the meat is cooked, slice it into small rounds so that it’s easier to manage when serving your guests. Paprika and brown sugar go well together for a rub on the pork with a small amount of salt, pepper and paprika on top of the corn as well. Add a little color to your summer table with an orzo salad. This colorful salad features sliced tomatoes, slices of cucumbers, chopped onions and the fresh herbs that you enjoy. If you’re looking for a different way to make the salad, consider using white rice as a base with a hint of ranch dressing blended in as well.