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How Fad Diets Impact Heart Health

Every year, there is a new diet trend. Gluten-free diets and juicing crazes are just a few of the many trends that people today are following. People follow a diet for a variety of reasons, such as weight loss and increased energy. Many people are confused because there are so many diet plans. They do not know which diet is best.


The Journal of American College of Cardiology has reviewed several peer-reviewed studies in order to determine which diet plan is the best. Dr. Andrew Freeman is one of the people who reviewed the studies. He is also the Director of Cardiovascular Prevention And Wellness At National Jewish Health.


He stated that when you take the time to look at the data, you will realize that people have not changed much over the years. Dr. Freeman also stated that an in-depth analysis of all of the studies revealed that the best diets are ones that are filled with leafy green vegetables, fruits, berries and extra virgin olive oil. Nuts should be eaten in moderation and consumption of animal protein should be limited.


Dr. Keith Ayoob does not believe that diet recommendations are black and white. He believes that people should consult with their physician in order to find a diet plan that is right for them. Dr. Ayoob believes that people should increase their fruit and vegetable intake. However, it may not be wise to tell everyone to avoid certain foods because many people cannot stick to strict diets. Dr. Ayoob was not involved in the study.