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Adding a Hearty Pinch of Salt- Just What the Doctor Ordered

There are many good reasons salt used to be a currency. Besides preventing spoiling, it’s just down right tasty. People diagnosed with high blood pressure were told to forsake anything salty and adjust to a flavorless life. A new review of previous studies has found that it may be time to change the advice and allow some seasoning back into their kitchen. Your text to link…
The study review found that a person who has a very low intake of sodium in their diet may have a bigger risk for cardiovascular disease. The present recommendation for sodium intake is 2.3 grams per day, which adds up to just one teaspoon. The maximum recommended amount allowed for those with hypertension is even less than that.
For those who are diagnosed with high blood pressure, the study suggest that moderation is everything. Those who consumed too much salt at over 7 grams and those who consumed too little at under 3 grams, were both at a much greater risk for an increase in heart related death or illness. The research indicates that having reasonable moderation and awareness of your diet is a key factor. Those who faired the best in the study kept their intake to around 4 or 5 grams of sodium a day.
Epidemiologist at McMaster University in Ontario, Andrew Mente, cautioned the importance for doctors to focus on the bigger picture of a patient’s medical history when prescribing specialized diets.

Try Using Cauliflower in New Ways for a Healthier Diet

With an increasing number of Americans worrying about their diet and weight, healthy eating has become more important than ever. If you are looking for new ways to consume a healthy diet, or if you would like to help someone in your family eat healthier, try incorporating cauliflower into more of your recipes. There are a number of ways to use this nutrient rich vegetable in your cooking, and most of the time, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Cauliflower Recipes

One of the best ways to create a classic dish with cauliflower is to make pizza crust out of a cauliflower, cheese and herb blend. You’ll simply need to cook, grind and drain the water out of your cauliflower before mashing it together with cheese and Italian herbs. Cook it once before adding your pizza toppings, and cook it again with the cheese and toppings on top.

Cauliflower in Casseroles

Most of the time when you make a delicious casserole with meat or without, some sort of pasta, rice or other grain is the main ingredient. Of course, on top of that, you might add butter, cheese and other not very nutritious ingredients. Obviously, this racks up the calories in any dish and does not add to the nutrition of the dish very much either. By replacing rice, pasta or whatever other simple carb you’d be using with cauliflower, you are adding nutrients and some bulk and flavor.

Try these two dishes and see what you think. You’ll probably even love them if you don’t like the taste of cauliflower!

There’s HOW MUCH sugar in that smoothie?

While smoothies have certainly been growing as a trendy health food in the past decade, some smoothies might not be all that they’re cracked up to be, according to a recent New York Times article. In short, pre-made smoothies can be low in fiber and high in sugar and calories, negating the positive aspects.

In order to avoid this problem, there are a few simple solutions. Smoothies could be ordered with skim milk or unsweetened soy milk versus a heavy cream or sugary juice base. Any sort of sugary syrup ought to be excluded. Additionally, the portion size needs to be downsized. While this phenomenon is noticeable in all American pre-made food, it is important to keep in mind exactly how large a 24 ounce smoothie can be. Fruit is good for you, yes, but in solid form it is unlikely that you would take in such a massive amount of it. Smoothies also strip out the fiber and pulp that is in solid fruit, removing a ton of the beneficial aspects.

Another simple solution is to blend your own smoothies at home. This way you can be sure to minimize excessive sugar use. Sticking to unsweetened yogurts and milk as a base and using whole fruit can go a long way to keeping that smoothie as healthy as can be. Throw in some kale for good measure. Happy sipping!

Tired of Choosing The Same Dog Food?


There is going to come a point when a person is just going to be tired of buying the same old dog food for his or her dog. This can be because they are tired of seeing the same brand in the home, because the price has fluctuated too many times, or perhaps because the dog in question no longer desires the food. Dogs are just like people in the way that they do get bored of food after a certain time of eating the same thing. Why make a dog continue to eat something it will not enjoy? If this is currently happening, there is a dog food brand called Freshpet which will fix all of these problems.

Purinastore like Freshpet is made from all natural ingredients and contains none of the filler that regular dog food does, dry or moist. Instead, is made from only the highest quality and freshest of ingredients, in facilities that are just as prepared to make human-grade food ingredients as they are for dog food ingredients. An interesting thing to keep in mind when considering this is that the manufacturing chief of one of the largest facilities making this food stated that it tasted just like Thanksgiving for a dog.

According to The Daily Herald, Richard Thompson took a small slice of Freshpet directly from the package and ate it. He stated they use only the freshest ingredients as to keep a dogs’ sensitive nose interested, and that they eschew any preservatives on the principle that the food must be sold as quickly as possible. What could possibly beat top notch refrigerated food like this?

If a person is not ready to embark on the Freshpet line of foods for various reasons (it is still quite expensive as it is a new product), Beneful is one of the greatest choices for a dog. With the variety of both fresh and dry food a person will always find what he or she needs for a dog.

Beneful is also one of the most popular and successful dog food brands. Better yet, why not splurge a bit and feed Fresphet to a dog as a treat a few times a day, but feed Beneful as the main course? This way the dog gets a bit of variety.