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A New Twist On Thanksgiving Potatoes

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and people are already perusing recipes to find something new to bring to the table. One of the perennial holiday favorites is mashed potatoes. There is something familiar and comforting in having mounds of fluffy potatoes and dabs of butter on your plate. If you are a potato fan and want a new twist on the dish, you are in luck. A recent article on introduced new potato recipes that would be a hit for your holiday meal.


Baked potato connoisseurs will love this style called Hasselback Potatoes. They are as simple to make as baked potatoes and have and added crunch. All you have to do is to make thin slices into the potato without cutting through it. Not only does it have an amazing taste, but it makes a lovely plated presentation. The article suggests that you try the Pioneer Woman’s recipe, which includes olive oil, chives, and butter on top.


You can impress your Thanksgiving guests with a creamy dish of scalloped potatoes. The recipe calls for thin slices of potatoes that are covered in a rich cream sauce. One of the suggestions in the article was to also add cheese. The one that they made blended four different cheeses. Another variation was the Pioneer Woman’s scalloped potatoes with ham.


This article explains the difference between scalloped potatoes and au gratin potatoes. According to the article, au gratin potatoes have a cheese base and a crunchy, crumb topping. In both dishes, the potatoes are sliced paper-thin. You can try variations of this classic potato dish with the Food Network’s recipe for garlic au gratin. It is a savory dish that is bound to please. You might also want to add a pasta flair to your potatoes and make the recipe for spaghetti squash au gratin potatoes.


There are bound to be some delicious pies on your dessert table. How about a savory pie that blends potatoes and bacon? It has a cream-base that is lightly touched with thyme. The buttery crust is also a delightful temptation. The recipe from this dish comes from Melissa d’Arabian. No matter if you slice, bake, or boil it, the potato is a classic for your Thanksgiving table.