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Green Juice Gummy Bears Are The New Frontier of Artisan Candy Making

Want to feel healthier without giving up your favorite sugar packed candy? Four words for you: Green Juice Gummy Bears.

Sugarfina, a boutique artisan candy company is making waves with their new line of gummy bears inspired by the earthy good flavors found in green juice.


In 2016 the candy company announced the coming arrival of green juice gummies as a prank on April fools day, but after receiving a lot of positive feedback about the impending arrival of the bears they decided to take the plunge for real. Sugarfina combined forces with Pressed Juicery, a company that specializes in bottling fresh juices, to transform the complex flavors of lemon, ginger, spinach and apple into soft delicious gummy bears.


Sugarfina is jumping into this world of unique candy making at just the right time. If you’ve been paying attention to the food trends that have reared their heads so far in 2017 you would notice there seems to be a growing demand for the everyday foods of our lives to go back to their handcrafted roots. Combine that with a growing interest in exploring different flavors, and you have the world of artisan foods melding into the classics that people love.


Maybe it’s the desire to hold onto the nostalgia of all of our sugary favorites from childhood in an upgraded, adult inspired way? Champagne bears, and Rose’ infused gummies give adults a reason to snack like they’re ten years old while maintaining their dignity. I don’t know that anyone would complain if an artisan olive infused gummy bear made it’s way into their favorite gin martini.


Another key to Sugarfina’s success is in taking health food trends into the world of candy making. This is brilliant on the part of artisan candy makers. In addition to giving ourselves permission to snack like kids, we can indulge knowing we’re getting a good dose of vitamin A and C. Maybe being an adult is easier when you can feel free to eat gummy bears on your way to the gym? Now that’s something I can get on board with.