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Todays Granola Bars Vs The Original Bars Of The 1800s

The Granola bar has sure changed since it was created in 1863. Here is a brief history of the Granola bar. Dr. James Caleb Jackson invented granula, as he called it. Its name would later be changed to granola as it evolved. At first, granula was flakes of whole grain bran soaked in milk. It was nutritious, high in fiber and a bit tasteless.

So where did granola change from a whole grain, bland tasting health food to the modern sugary granola? I discuss this now. Our modern day “granola” has essentially become a sweet desert now. Consider this. The federal government officially categorizes granola as a grain based desert. Still not convinced that the granola you have probably been eating is a desert? The granola you buy at the store can have more sugar than a slice of chocolate cake.

Here are some numbers that may make you think twice before you decide to chow down on some granola. A cup of granola can have up to 30 grams of sugar. A cup of ice cream, on average has about 28 cups of sugar. A slice of chocolate cake with frosting on top has on average about 26 grams of sugar. Why so much sugar? When did granola become a sugary desert? Read on to find out.

Another doctor called Dr. John Harvey Kellogg literally stole the idea of “granula” from the original founder, Dr. James Caleb Jackson. A lawsuit was filed by Dr. Jackson against Dr. Kellog. Dr. Kellog, as a result of the lawsuit had to change the name of his creation. He called it granola instead of granula. This is where the name granola as we know it comes from.

Dr. Kellog created cornflakes as he tweaked the recipe of Dr. James Caleb Jackson. The brother of Dr. Kellog wanted to sweeten the new cereal. However, Dr. Kellog resisted and wanted to keep his granola sugar free. The brother, William created the sweet cereals we now know such as fruit loops.

Granola recipes would later be sold to companies like General Mills and Quaker Oats. The companies started to sweeten the granola and sell it to the public. This is how the sweet and sugary granola came to be. The granola of today is so sweet you are best off skipping it altogether. Dieticians recommend opting for low sugar granola or just avoiding it and eating something less sweet. After all, it is a desert that is masquerading as a health food. Be smart, and choose something that is less sweet and that is a real healthy, whole grain breakfast item instead.