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2017 Food Trends: What Will the Year Bring?

2016 is officially behind us. That means that the controversial election and the “filled cupcake” Oreo flavor are now (somewhat) a thing of the past. Now, it’s time to look ahead to 2017 and anticipate all the good things that will come our way this year.


The team at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants have compiled a list of 2017 food predictions, and judging from their analysis, it looks like the year will be pretty delicious. This year, people will also be more encouraged to cut down on food waste by using plants from root to leaf and cooking animals from “nose to tail.”


So, what exactly do we have to look forward to? Alternative meats such as venison and elk will likely on menus around the country, and fermented drinks are still trending, which is great news for those who love kombucha. Other fermented treats like kefir, which is full of vitamins and minerals and aids in digestion will also be part of a number of diets in 2017. Charring and smoking meats and veggies will also still be a food trend in 2017, which is a technique lots of people enjoy, since this brings out the flavor in food quite nicely.


When it comes to the region that will get the most attention for food trends, the Mediterranean area will likely take over 2017. However, when it comes to cocktails, flavors from South America will still wow our tastebuds this year. Cocktails have also taken more of a culinary and savory turn to make these beverages almost as impressive as an entree.


2017 is shaping up to be a pretty delicious year, indeed.



Food Trends for 2017

Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to get into the food trends that will shape the year and leave us wanting more. Of course, there may be a few trends that we’ll be glad to leave in 2017 once the year comes to a close, like the “filled cupcake” trend of 2016.


The staff at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants have compiled a list of 2017 food predictions, and based on their projections, it looks like the year is going to be pretty delicious. The staff also predicts that people will take more precaution in reducing food waste, so meals and even delicacies will be sustainable and filling.


What are some of the tasty food trends you have to look forward to? The include non-conventional meat entrees, like venison and elk. It also looks like fermented drinks will continue to be popular in 2017, which is great news for people who love kombucha. When it comes to main dishes and sides, the techniques of charring and smoking foods will still be trendy this year, which also sounds like something we can all look forward to.


Mediterranean will likely be the most influential regional food this year, since this cuisine features fresh vegetables, herbs, light sauces and healthy protein. Other fermented beverages that will probably continue to be popular include kefir, a yogurt drink that aids in digestion, and ginger beer, a sparkling drink with a bite that can help clear up a stuffy nose and open up the sinuses. As far as cocktails go, flavors from South America are on trend, and adding a savory culinary element to cocktails will likely not go out of style any time soon.





A New Twist On Thanksgiving Potatoes

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and people are already perusing recipes to find something new to bring to the table. One of the perennial holiday favorites is mashed potatoes. There is something familiar and comforting in having mounds of fluffy potatoes and dabs of butter on your plate. If you are a potato fan and want a new twist on the dish, you are in luck. A recent article on introduced new potato recipes that would be a hit for your holiday meal.


Baked potato connoisseurs will love this style called Hasselback Potatoes. They are as simple to make as baked potatoes and have and added crunch. All you have to do is to make thin slices into the potato without cutting through it. Not only does it have an amazing taste, but it makes a lovely plated presentation. The article suggests that you try the Pioneer Woman’s recipe, which includes olive oil, chives, and butter on top.


You can impress your Thanksgiving guests with a creamy dish of scalloped potatoes. The recipe calls for thin slices of potatoes that are covered in a rich cream sauce. One of the suggestions in the article was to also add cheese. The one that they made blended four different cheeses. Another variation was the Pioneer Woman’s scalloped potatoes with ham.


This article explains the difference between scalloped potatoes and au gratin potatoes. According to the article, au gratin potatoes have a cheese base and a crunchy, crumb topping. In both dishes, the potatoes are sliced paper-thin. You can try variations of this classic potato dish with the Food Network’s recipe for garlic au gratin. It is a savory dish that is bound to please. You might also want to add a pasta flair to your potatoes and make the recipe for spaghetti squash au gratin potatoes.


There are bound to be some delicious pies on your dessert table. How about a savory pie that blends potatoes and bacon? It has a cream-base that is lightly touched with thyme. The buttery crust is also a delightful temptation. The recipe from this dish comes from Melissa d’Arabian. No matter if you slice, bake, or boil it, the potato is a classic for your Thanksgiving table.


Newest Food Trend Brings Together Coffee And Cones In A Delightful Way

This is the year of trends, and foods are no exception. With social media giving everyone the power to share food, recipes, and food tips, it’s no wonder food and the interesting new food discoveries are becoming top trends. One that seems to be growing and is undoubtedly going to become a new trend is coffee in a cone.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to see this new craze that is taking over Instagram, check out the pics found here.
It is, for the most part, exactly what you would expect. A waffle cone full of coffee. It sounds so simple yet so enticing it’s a wonder this fad took so long to find it’s way to our hearts. It originated in Johannesburg, South Africa at The Grind Coffee Company. It features a waffle cone that has been coated on the inside with chocolate. After the chocolate is set the cone is filled with a latte. So simple, so easy, and so convenient when you realize not only are you getting the treat of some amazing coffee, but you can munch on the “cup” when you are done.
The hashtag #coffeeinacup is from barista Dayne Levingrad. After working abroad as a coffee consultant and in the digital marketing industry he returned home to South Africa where he created the hashtag to bring the internet’s love for coffee and social media together. The hashtag now has well over 1,500 post of the coffee in a cone trend and it’s still growing. This popular fad has been popping up around the world and recently in the United States where it’s seen taking on new trends. Cones have turned into waffle cups and they are not only dipped in chocolate but often have other fun toppings around the rims like nuts or cocoa nibs. Often, as is popular in the US, they are topped with generous doses of sweet and frothy whipped cream and sometimes even sprinkles.
This trend is surely something most people can get behind and it’s only a matter of time before we see scoops of ice cream floating in them or better yet, slices of banana for the ideal coffee in a cone banana split! For more information and photos of some of the interesting creations that have been found check out this article from the Huffington Post.

West Village chef has Filipino restaurant go viral through Instagram

Taking a picture of food plates for Instagram carries an almost a religious level of significance for many of the young and smart phone-endowed, and one chef in the West Village has seen this ritual work to his advantage in a big way. In the past May, Chef Jordan Andino opened his Filipino taqueria, 2nd City. The restaurant features a number of Filipino dishes given playful names like the “Poke Me Bowl”, but what has really gotten the public’s attention is Andino’s unique business plan; optimizing his dish presentation specifically to maximize Instagram-readiness.

Chef Andino claims that his motivation to create 2nd City out of the feeling that no one else had yet taken the initiative to create of Filipino taqueria. He aspires to be a pioneer of what he hopes to be Filipino cuisine’s proper introduction to the American public at large, and with the traffic of one of the world’s biggest photo-sharing platforms on his side, he just might have the right kind of momentum to make that a reality.

Chef Andino saw his restaurant become jam-packed during all open hours not long after the opening in May, and according to what he’s seen, it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. In addition to the conversions created by Instagram, Andino has also cited Yelp as being a great help in increasing 2nd City’s exposure. He states that he believes the marketing techniques of many restaurants around the world are bound to evolve with social media in mind, and if other restaurant owners have taken note of his taqueria’s explosion, it’s safe to say that his prediction isn’t a stretch.

Get Pokebuzzed with Pokemon Fraps

Some smart baristas around the world have found a way to cash in on everyone’s current obsession: Pokemon Go with Pokemon themed Frappuccino drinks. These sugar bombs are clearly marketed toward Instagram-loving teens, but anyone can order them to add a touch of fun (and a sugar high) to their day.

The first Pokemon frap to pop up appeared as a chalkboard special in New Zealand. The Pokeball Frappuccino has a layer of Vanilla frap on the bottom, Strawberries and Creme frap on top, all under a layer of strawberry whipped cream. Another version of this drink from Korea has a layer of mocha sauce and a cake pop without its stick in the center to make it really look like a Pokeball. Special creations like this are popping up in Starbucks stores everywhere, but if your local chain does not have them, just ask for a custom frap using the recipes above.

These crazy creations aren’t the first way Starbucks has used free social media advertising to make money. The recent craze for the “secret rainbow menu” drinks has taken Instagram and other social media platforms by storm. The pink, purple, blue, orange, and green drinks are practically made to be photographed with heavy filters and the fact that there’s a whole rainbow of them means customers will come back to try the others.